FCC Cracks Down on Part 22 Construction Requirements
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Icom’s next generation of IDAS radios

Look smart and work smart with Icom’s next generation of IDAS radios. Available in both a portable and mobile platform, the new IDAS series is loaded with features and details only Icom can provide. The USB port allows for quick and effective programming – no need to purchase programming cables. SD cards offer the ability to voice record. The built-in GPS goes beyond standard GPS tracking, logging the location of all callers using a GPS radio within range. Other features include built-in Bluetooth, high-resolution color display and active noise cancelling. Icom continues to deliver communication solutions for AIR, LAND and SEA.

PowerTrunk-T, TETRA Infrastructure

The PowerTrunk-T infrastructure system for TETRA mobile radio networks delivers excellent coverage, security, and reliability in a platform designed for efficient implementation and cost-effective scalability.

KAIROS Base Station/Repeater

KAIROS Base Station/Repeater from Radio Activity
IP and narrowband RF linked professional infrastructure supporting:

  • ANALOG/DMR Tier II & Tier III
  • P25 Phase 1 compatibility
  • SIP/RTP-IP connectivity
  • RX soft diversity

M108-150 / T-1560M Transmitter Combiner

The Telewave American-made M108-150 VHF low-loss transmitter combiner features our T-1560M medium power isolator for digital or analog trunking systems with 100% duty cycle, including Project 25 (P25) and MotoTRBO / Digital Mobile Radio (DMR). The M108-150 transmitter combiner covers 148-174 MHz at 115 watts (W) per channel, with 8-inch, quarter wave cavities for excellent performance, and up to 8 channels in an IEC standard 19-inch rack. Each 24.5-inch height panel combines 4 channels into a common antenna, with space available for a duplexer, preselector, power monitoring and receiver distribution panel.

Anritsu LMR Master S412E

The LMR Master S412E from Anritsu is the ideal instrument for Land Mobile Radio and Professional Mobile Radio technicians and engineers engaged in field testing the RF performance of NBFM, P25, P25 Phase 2 (TDMA), DMR (MotoTRBO™), TETRA, NXDN™, dPMR, and LTE for commercial, public safety, maritime, and critical infrastructure radio systems.

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