Industry Optimistic About New 800 MHz, UHF, 3.65 GHz Opportunities
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Public Safety LTE Coverage and Performance Tester

Survey Technologies collaborated with Sonim Technologies to bring the public safety first responder network licensee’s a coverage and performance testing solution for Band 14 LTE.


DAMM Multi-Tech Platform - Core Connected

Built for the future of critical communications, the DAMM Multi-Tech Platform enables voice and data communication across technologies, including; TETRA, TEDS, DMR Tier III and Analog in one fully integrated system.


Icom’s next generation of IDAS digital radio

Look Smart. Work Smart. Icom’s next generation of IDAS digital radio. This newly designed F3400D series radios is Icom's flagship IDAS product. Dozens of new features and functions are included all in one new small form factor size.


NoizeBarrier™ Micro: High-Definition Electronic Earplugs

OTTO’s NoizeBarrier™ Micro electronic earplugs offer unsurpassed situational awareness and clear communication while providing hearing protection from loud noises. The dual-mode NoizeBarrier™ Micro earplugs offer active hearing protection as well as hearing enhancement for extremely effective sound localization and detection. The noise-isolating eartips combined with proprietary sound processing electronics produces an earplug that responds to your environment.


MAXplus G2 Radio Dispatch Processor

The Mindshare 100500 MAXplus G2 Dispatch Processor is a complete dispatch workstation. It provides interfaces to all common audio accessories such as headset jacks, footswitches, speakers, desk microphones, a NENA telephone interface, SIP Phone systems and more. In addition it incorporates an Intel i3 COM Express computer. This computer provides the user interface and does all the VoIP communications, utilizing the audio system via an internal USB connection.


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