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Telewave Introduces New PIM/PIP-Rated Collinear Antennas for 700-900 MHz

Select models of Telewave’s rugged omnidirectional base station antennas have been designed to ensure very low internal generation of passive intermodulation (PIM) products. These PIM-Rated, moderate-gain antennas are operational between the 700-900 MHz spectrum and rated for -150dBc or better. To prevent issues caused by poor materials or workmanship, all of Telewave’s PIM-Rated collinear antennas are carefully built using a meticulous assembly process, using specially treated materials to prevent RF intermodulation. The “Cool Blue” fiberglass radome provides maximum protection against the elements to ensure reliability for mission-critical applications in hazardous environments. Proudly made in the USA under ISO 9001:2008 certification standards.


Icom Adds F7010/F7510 Series to its P25 Product Line

Built specifically for public safety and service organizations, the F7010/F7510 series is a new addition to the Icom P25 product line. The P25 evolution takes a giant leap with Icom’s new series, offering more options, better pricing and top quality. Not only does this series capture the essentials, but offers extended features as well. P25 Phase 2 capabilities are available as an optional upgrade in the F7010/F7510 series, making this new communication solution ready for the latest P25 systems being installed nation-wide.


Genesis Offers a Full Suite of Performance Management Solutions

The Genesis Group develops, tests, and supports industry-leading software solutions for mission critical and business critical two-way communication networks. Our performance management solutions empower system administrators to monitor in real time, manage, archive, and report on Motorola ASTRO® 25, Dimetra, and MOTOTRBO™ platforms.


Cascade, Codan's Next-Generation Platform

Cascade™ is a next-generation P25 base station/repeater infrastructure platform, designed from the ground-up with robust, future-facing hardware, easy-to-use web-based management software, and flexible networking capability. Featuring a built-in system controller, the pilot version of the Cascade™ repeater/base station provides two 100W P25 transceivers mounted inside a single 4RU subrack, complete with power supply and native P25 DFSI network interface. Since the Cascade platform was designed with flexible networking in mind, future upgrades to the Cascade Software will provide voting, simulcast, and P25 trunking network control allowing small-to-medium sized networks to be built without the need for any central controllers.


Cobham's 8800SX Offers a New Radio Test Experience

With its hybrid portable design, the industry’s largest color touch-screen display, ruggedness, internal battery, power accuracy, advanced automated test and alignment, and fast VSWR/Return Loss and Cable Fault measurements, the 8800SX offers RF professionals a whole new experience in radio test. The 8800SX combines the performance and features of a bench-level test set with the portability and ruggedness of a field-level instrument. Weighing only 17 lbs (7.71 kg), an internal battery with 2.5+ hour of operation, and rugged 30 G shock rating now test professionals will no longer comprise portability for critical test features. Advanced features ranging from automated test and alignment to digital modulation analysis plots to an internal 500 W (4% accuracy) in-line power meter are all available within a one-box solution.


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