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M-Tech MT-V82N Transceiver: Gets you the Classic Feeling Back with 3100mAh Battery

Making radios user-friendly and customer-demanded is our mission. ICOM IC-V82 has been a hit for years ever since it was put forward, enjoying great popularity among users for its tough construction and simple operation. Much to our regret, ICOM has stopped producing this model and relevant accessories. However, there are still many people in great demand for it while present users find it hard to get relevant battery packs and chargers. To carry on the light of classic and meet the demand of customers, M-Tech decided to put forward MT-V82N, the battery and charger of which are also compatible with IC-V82. MORE

Mindshare MAXplus Radio Dispatch Processor
The Mindshare 100500 MAXplus Dispatch Processor is a complete dispatch workstation. It provides interfaces to all common audio accessories such as headset jacks, footswitches, speakers, desk microphones, a NENA telephone interface, and more. In addition, it incorporates an Intel i3 COM Express computer. This computer provides the user interface and does all the VoIP communications, utilizing the audio system via an internal USB connection. All of your dispatch position electronics in one sturdy metal enclosure.


MiMO WaveStreamer Antenna
STI-CO’s cutting edge MiMO WaveStreamer Antenna is designed to provide superior communication for 4G, GPS, and WiFi applications. It features an optimized RF design for excellent performance. MORE

Freedom R8100 LMR Communications System Analyzer
The R8100 is the newest LMR communications system analyzer from Freedom Communication Technologies. Optimized for portability and user-friendliness, it features the same industry-leading spectral purity and scalability as the R8000, with a suite of enhanced features designed to maximize suitability for field use and provide advanced ergonomics. MORE

CAPE 18-way Multi Charger Provides a Simple Solution
Are you still using a single charger per radio for your charging needs? Are you running out of desk space due to hundreds of chargers and cables? The solution is a simple one, move to the CAPE 18-way multi charger. MORE

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