The Importance of LTE Interoperability
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E/M Wave Introduces New GPS/GLNSS Timing Antenna

E/M Wave’s GPS Navigation product lines now include the EM-BGT13005 GPS/GLONASS Timing Antenna. The EM-BGT13005 provides exceptional environmental ingress protection, directly mounting to a standard ¾ inch pipe. High selectivity RF performance is achieved by incorporating dual filter architecture with up to 70 dB rejection, preventing signal interference while tracking GPS/GLONASS constellations. Vibration resistance...


Leonardo Next-Generation Network Integration and Management

Critical Communications organizations often require the functionality to integrate multiple systems. Historically this has been accomplished using external gateways or console patches. Leonardo provides Critical Communications Operators and Users with multiple solutions. Leonardo’s ECOS-D SoS (System-of-Systems) provides the ability to integrate systems together. The Leonardo Communications Services Platform (CSP) combines the ability to integrate and manage multiple networks using a single management application.


GENEGADI: A time and labor-saving solution for MCC 7500 Dispatch Console users

GADI — Genesis-Aided Dispatch Interface — enhances the standard features in the Motorola MCC 7500 Dispatch Console to improve dispatcher efficiency and increase officer safety. The GADI suite provides a valuable toolset to existing dispatch centers, or meets functional requirements during the design phase of a new ASTRO® 25 or Dimetra system. GADI client software resides on each console position and communicates with the Centralized GADI Server. A hot standby server is also available for demanding uptime requirements.


BK Technologies' KNG2 P25 Digital Portable Two-way Radios

The KNG2 is equipped with loud, crisp audio using a large, enhanced speaker and has a bright colorized screen with industry large display area. In addition to this, the KNG2 is IP67/IP68 dust, water tight, and durable in any environment.


Telewave Introduces New PIM/PIP-Rated Collinear Antennas for 700-900 MHz

Select models of Telewave’s rugged omnidirectional base station antennas have been designed to ensure very low internal generation of passive intermodulation (PIM) products. These PIM-Rated, moderate-gain antennas are operational between the 700-900 MHz spectrum and rated for -150dBc or better. To prevent issues caused by poor materials or workmanship, all of Telewave’s PIM-Rated collinear antennas are carefully built using a meticulous assembly process, using specially treated materials to prevent RF intermodulation. The “Cool Blue” fiberglass radome provides maximum protection against the elements to ensure reliability for mission-critical applications in hazardous environments. Proudly made in the USA under ISO 9001:2008 certification standards.


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