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VIAVI Solutions, formerly Aeroflex

VIAVI Solutions Radio Test Sets. The 3920B Radio Test Platform is the Gold Standard for Radio Test Sets. The 8800SX Digital Radio Test Set is lightweight and portable, and now comes with TETRA Base Station Testing capability.


Telewave Launches iDAS Product Family

Telewave's sophisticated new suite heralds advanced technology, serving critical industrial uses and disaster resilience. Designed for higher efficiency and greater durability, the indoor Distributed Antenna System offers a more efficient, cost effective solution that’s easier to install and maintain. Using groundbreaking technology, components include Low PIM high efficiency ceiling and wall mounted antennas, Low PIM Low Loss wide-Band Power Splitters, Low PIM and Low Loss Hybrid and Directional couplers, and Low PIM termination loads.


WeBoost Drive 4G-X Fleet Signal Booster

The Drive 4G-X Fleet is a powerful cellular signal booster, built to boost signal strength for cellular-based fleet tracking devices allowing fleet managers to better communicate with vehicles, even in weak signal areas. Specifically designed for fleet vehicles, such as police cars or delivery trucks, the Drive 4G-X Fleet boosts 4G LTE and 3G signals for all cellular devices in the vehicle on all carriers simultaneously so fleet staff have the signal strength they need to stay connected. It increases cellular range, provides the fastest available data speeds and improves call quality.


Kirisun Wi-Fi RoIP System

Wi-Fi RolP System achieves Low cost of ownership using PTT service over a LAN network by means of a webpage embedded dispatcher and hardware. The system tracks and connects two-way handheld radios within an Existing Wireless LAN network to achieve trunking communication and dispatching management. With modern appearance and simple set-up, it is suitable for all types of buildings, Casinos, Hotels, Multi Story offices, Carparks and Factories using Wi-Fi network coverage.


Unication P25 G-Series Digital Pager

Unication USA Phase II Now Shipping!! The industry’s first and only P25 Voice Pager is now available in Phase II! G-Series P25 Digital paging allows migration from a legacy 2-tone network to a P25 Network; providing improved coverage, excellent voice clarity and superior reliability.


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