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Wireless Supply Announces New Low Profile Antenna

Wireless Supply is pleased to announce the newest member of it’s growing antenna product line, the IOSU series. The IOSU series of antennas cover all frequency bands from 380 MHz to 6 GHz, meaning one antenna for all technologies. This antenna is very low profile with a maximum thickness of only 1 inch (26 mm) in the center and 0.62 inches (16 mm) on the edges. This antenna offers excellent performance across all bands and is rated low PIM in the 700, 850, PCS, & AWS bands.


Wireless Pacific X10DR - Full Duplex Game Changer

Wireless Pacific’s Elite X10DR now allow three handsets to operate simultaneously through a single gateway connected up to 500 meters from the vehicle’s host mobile radio. They can also be supplied with full duplex handsfree talkaround capability...


Sti-Co MiMo WaveStreamer Antenna

STI-CO's cutting edge MiMO WaveStreamer Antenna is designed to provide superior communication for 4G, GPS, and WiFi applications. It features an optimized RF design for excellent performance. This antenna is ideal for first responders, transit vehicles and rail.


Genesis Industry Leading Software

Troubleshooting issues down to their root cause on a two-way communications network is next to impossible. Genesis develops industry-leading software to monitor and proactively manage Motorola LMR systems.


dbSpectra's New DSXPM Smart RF Power Monitor

This smart power monitor is designed to continuously measure the forward and reflected power conditions of a system’s transmitter antenna network. Adverse power conditions will automatically trigger remote alarms.


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