APCO Takes Different Stance on Interoperability at Regional Conference
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Genesis Industry Leading Software

Troubleshooting issues down to their root cause on a two-way communications network is next to impossible. Genesis develops industry-leading software to monitor and proactively manage Motorola LMR systems. Our software collects all system-wide and interagency data to display live activity, automate critical notifications and archive data for future reporting and analysis.


Icom VE-PG4: Mission Critical Communications

Interoperability and coordinated communication between public safety response agencies is crucial. Since these agencies often utilize different radio equipment, invaluable time is lost while dispatchers relay emergency information between radio systems and protocols, severely inhibiting an immediate response. Just as an AM radio cannot pick up FM radio, public safety radios on one frequency cannot pick up transmissions from those operating in another band.


Wireless Pacific X10DR® Firefront™ Universal Appliance Communications System

The Firefront™ Universal Appliance Communications System allows up seven X10DR Elite devices to be connected to the Fire appliance host mobile radio to provide a comprehensive, local intercom and network access system for Fire fighters. Typical systems provide local at-scene, off-network private AES secure communications with the ability to also monitor and transmit over the vehicle’s main despatch mobile radio for up to 700 meters from the vehicle.


Hytera HALO Push-to-Talk over Cellular Services

Hytera PNC370 Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) radios and the Hytera HALO nationwide group communications solution enable push-to-talk communications over Wi-Fi and cellular 4G/LTE Mobile Network Operator networks. Hytera’s nationwide PoC solution leverages the advantages of both LTE networks and LMR, enabling instant group calling with unlimited channels, service dispatching, and GPS driver location tracking.


Fiplex DH7S

Fiplex Communications is committed to delivering a high quality 700-800 Mhz product line to improve RF coverage in mission-critical situations. Our technology allows the end-user to select the desired frequencies to be amplified, enhancing the indoor coverage while retaining the BTS sensitivity. Due to the uplink squelch only activating the UL amplification, while signals are present in a specific channel and time slot, overall UL noise is highly reduced.


Telewave's HP Antennas

Telewave's new High Performance (HP) line of antennas are rugged omnidirectional, low-PIM antennas which exhibit gain atness throughout the bandwidth. The HP antennas are a result of through research and development towards building low-PIM RF components and testing facility. The antennas are built using specially treated materials and a meticulous assembly process to achieve better than -150 dBc PIM rating according to IEC 62037 standard.


OTTO All New Bluetooth Revo NC2

The new Bluetooth Revo NC2 combines Bluetooth technology and high-definition audio to take speaker mic functionality to a new level. Built-in Bluetooth wirelessly pairs with smartphones, tablets and some two-way radios to provide convenient hands-free listening and easy push-to-talk without the safety hazard of a cable connection.


N-ear 360PRO In-Ear Earpiece

It’s time to retire your old acoustic tube earpiece kit. The 360PRO from N-ear is a two-way radio covert earpiece featuring a unique patented design that bends the wire close to the head to give a discreet, comfortable and secure fit. It is a proven critical communications tool currently in use by law enforcement teams around the world.


Komutel Recording Solutions

Komutel Recording Solution allows the recording of IP, analog and digital channels. It is compatible with several telephones and manufacturers of radios and radio consoles. The web-based interface uses a highly secure protocol (HTTPS) Within the interface, it is possible to:


Research FCC Data Fast & Efficiently!

WRRonline is a cloud-based software service that gives you quick and easy access to licenses and applications within your defined area and nationwide.MORE

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