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Telit Band 14 Modules & Datacards for First Responder Cellular Networks

Telit’s full line of embedded LTE modules and data-cards enable true band-14 products and solutions for first responders including:


Leonardo Next-Generation Network Integration and Management

Critical Communications organizations often require the functionality to integrate multiple systems. Historically this has been accomplished using external gateways or console patches. Leonardo provides Critical Communications Operators and Users with multiple solutions. Leonardo’s ECOS-D SoS (System-of-Systems) provides the ability to integrate systems together. The Leonardo Communications Services Platform (CSP) combines the ability to integrate and manage multiple networks using a single management application.


SoftWright’s Terrain Analysis Package (TAP) RF Propagation Software Offers New Multi-Site Analysis Tools

The TAP™ Aggregate Coverage module, which aggregates the results of multiple individual coverage studies into a single composite coverage result, is one of the most popular TAP™ modules. Terrain Analysis Package (TAP™) Mapper 2018 includes an all-new Aggregate Coverage module with integrated Adjacent Channel Interference module.


PowerTrunk-T TETRA System

PowerTrunk-T is the only TETRA system that is fully 100% Ethernet / IP based. A secure and reliable network can be built with distributed switching, distributed intelligence, and complete fault-tolerant redundancy, as well as at lower network costs due to the use of commercial off-the-shelf equipment.


Radio Trans MOTOTRBO ATEX DP4000 EX Radios

Motorola’s MOTOTRBO DP4000 Ex Series ATEX radios provide high quality communication with comprehensive user safety and class leading ATEX specifications allowing use when in environments containing potentially explosive gas and dust.


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