The Difference Between Capacity Requirements for Commercial, Public-Safety Broadband
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DMR + PoC Dual Communication Mode Radios

By analyzing market information, Lisheng found that the current market has a clear demand for DMR + PoC dual communication mode radios. The radio advantages: The radio supports both public network and private network, neutralizes the advantages and disadvantages of the two systems, and expands the application field and scope of radio. The restrictions on the use of environmental radio are reduced. DMR mode is adopted in emergency communication environment and PoC mode can be adopted in 4G / 5G environment to infinitely expand the communication range. It can improve the use efficiency of radio and reduce the difficulties of cross regional networking, solve the problems of tight channel resources and high cost. Under the dual-mode system, private network communication combines the advantages of public network communication in transmitting voice, video, pictures, files and other big data applications, and can improve the management level and efficiency of the project.

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