Industry Officials Question FirstNet’s Draft Spectrum Lease Agreement
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Otto Connect
OTTO Connect™ is a fully conversational system that enables hands-free communication among teams of people. OTTO Connect™ wireless intercoms provide up to 18 hours of talk time in a variety of demanding applications and environmental conditions. Communication in high-noise environments is excellent; with superior noise reduction achieved using digital signal processing technology. Operating in the 900 MHz frequency range, the system offers better performance through walls, in rain and over greater distances. OTTO Connect provides excellent performance in team communications where other intercoms fail to deliver.MORE

Seculore's Paladin Cybersecurity Appliance
Paladin - A New Cybersecurity Appliance Built for Public Safety Public Safety agencies are particularly vulnerable and valuable targets for cybercriminals. Scores of Public Safety agencies across the country have been severely impacted by cyber-threats and have quickly become part of an FBI-documented, multi-billion-dollar cost. We’ve seen the cyber-threats facing our Public Safety infrastructure; we know that most PSAPs and Dispatch centers do not have the cybersecurity training or resources they need and deserve. Cybersecurity experts are needed to protect our 9-1-1 services, but not enough people are trained. Paladin is designed to fill this knowledge gap for the public safety sector by giving existing personnel the tools they need to become cybersecurity experts of their own network.MORE

Comba Telecom's Critical Point BDAs
When Disaster Strikes, Critical Communications Matter Most Comba Telecom’s award-winning CriticalPoint™ public safety BDAs are the perfect choice to keep first responders in-building communications working when emergencies happen. Designed specifically with first responders in mind, the CriticalPoint™ BDAs offer the latest in RF technology and perfect for buildings/venues up to 400,000 sq. ft. The BDAs are available in 700/800MHz single or dual band configurations and are offered in Class A or Class B and AC or DC versions. MORE

Fully Customizable, PC Programmable LED Signal Tower Now With Ethernet Connectivity
PATLITE announces the LA6 POE LED Signal Tower - the most advanced, fully customizable signal tower series now with Ethernet (Modbus/TCP UDP) connectivity. The LA6-POE is able to read and write all necessary data through a network connected Ethernet cable. Also, it supports PoE (Power over Ethernet), so there is no more need for input and output modules for PLCs or running wires. The LA6 series features multi-color LEDs able to display 21 colors, 11 buzzer, animated pattern capabilities (using the internal timer function) and endless flash rate settings to fit users’ unique signaling needs. No longer are users limited to the common 3 or 5 stack lights with preset colored light modules. Instead the LA6 features clear modules equipped with multi-color LEDs, which enable users to customize the signal tower specifically for their application.MORE

GAI-Tronics' Commander 3G GSM Telephone
Situation: Telephone communication is needed at a remote softball field across campus, on a meandering walk path in a park, at a power substation, or at a railroad crossing. Power may or may not be available but running a telephone line is not feasible due to trenching costs or terrain obstructions. What can you do? MORE

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