5 Secret Things About PTT Services That You May Not Know
By Airbus
Friday, October 30, 2020 | Comments

Strong push-to-talk (PTT) services – video, multimedia, voice, text and location sharing at the push of a button – form the most modern, effective and capable communication tool for enterprises and the public sector. Here are five secrets you should know about them.

Secret 1: You can turn your smartphone into a professional radio!

Did you know you can use your smartphone as a radio to communicate securely with your team? All you need is a smartphone and a strong push-to-talk service like Tactilon Agnet 500. Where you used walkie-talkie radios, now you can use smartphones, and even include traditional radios in the same talk groups. Many people do not fully believe this is even possible until they try it out. 

Secret 2: You can save valuable time using group calls instead of one-to-one calls

You reach many more people much more quickly with PTT than calling them individually. 

Suppose you need to brief six people on a topic. You can explain the topic fully in 45 seconds. If you call those six people one by one, you will need about five minutes – or longer if they don’t answer or if the line is busy. In contrast, you can brief all six people in just 45 seconds when you talk to them all at once via push-to-talk. Again, thanks to Tactilon Agnet’s software embedded push-to-talk button you can do this with just your smartphone. No need for specific accessories or devices with a hard PTT button.

Professional level communications services are available for businesses

If your company is struggling with a narrowband communications system, Tactilon Agnet 500 is a safe way to enter the new, digital broadband world.

Professional level communications services are now available – not only for public safety, but for enterprises as well. You won’t have to buy new equipment – instead, you can use your regular smartphones and buy the secure communication solution as a service. Say goodbye to huge infrastructure investments and resource-consuming projects and welcome the ease and flexibility of a monthly fee-based service. You can even add more users or specific features for a temporary period. This is scalability that clearly saves you money. 

Secret 3: Not everyone in your talk group has to be a person

Legacy systems typically have stores of analog information, such as recorded voice and video. No need to throw away this useful information because it can be transformed into digital data in the system. For example, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can analyze a recorded video – in real time if needed – and automatically generate a report. So instead of watching the video and writing a report, the system can do this for you. It saves valuable time in many organizations.

The next logical step is a kind of super team in which one member is an AI or robot. These machine minds can process data from various sources and transform the relevant parts into formats suitable for people. Tactilon Agnet 500 is the perfect way to get relevant data in a usable format to people in the field because it integrates smoothly with the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI platforms through open but secure interfaces.

Secret 4: A customizable app is your smartest choice 

Even the simplest consumer apps usually offer some customization, such as settings and preferences. Making apps work just the way they want is even more important for professionals than for consumers. Customization is so much more than the colors of the user interface.

In a professional PTT app, it is useful if you can turn features on or off, select add-ons such as having recording available or not, or priority treatment in the broadband network or not. Of course, such customizations must always be in line with each organizations’ policies. (Which are, by the way, something that a good PTT service also should support.)

Customization can go further and be based on a person’s role. This allows a set of apps to be activated according to the user’s role. In practice this means that different people in the organization, or even in one group, may have different apps or different features of Tactilon Agnet 500 available to them. 

The apps in your smartphone can be made to use other apps

In a smartphone, you can have an app use another app. So you could have an app that’s connected to and uses your PTT app’s capabilities. In practice, you can have whatever app that suits your purposes – workflow management for example, and on top, you can have PTT capabilities operated by an app such as Tactilon Agnet 500

Tactilon Agnet 500 is actually a platform that enables many capabilities through integration. Tactilon Agnet 500 features can be interconnected securely to many already deployed apps to provide information to field users. It’s all about making apps work for you, and not the other way around. That’s why a customizable app and solution like Tactilon Agnet 500 is the smartest choice.

Secret 5: A PTT solution is not a good idea without proper user administration

Flexible, secure and clever user administration is key for any professional communication solution. For most organizations it is not acceptable to let users add and delete groups and users by themselves; they need to follow an organizational or process structure. Simple communication apps do not support this kind or user and group administration and hierarchies, so please be aware of such limitations when choosing yours.

In addition to proper user and group management you should be able to manage who sees the location of an employee, as well as manage whether users can choose to allow their location to be tracked. It is important that a company or organization can give its employees the opportunity to disable location tracking – for example if the employees use the same device for work and in their own time. Where it’s mandatory to track everyone’s whereabouts for legal reasons, for example, this is also possible. With Tactilon Agnet 500 you can easily do all this and much more.

Such a capable PTT service is not available anywhere else. With Tactilon Agnet 500, your operations can be more efficient, more effective and safer for your personnel – all while keeping your capital and operational expenses low.

More information: www.securelandcommunications.com/tactilon-agnet-500

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