Fall Product Expo 2009
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Welcome to MissionCritical Communications' Fall Product Expo.
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Aeroflex 3920 Radio Test Set

The Aeroflex 3920 Radio Test Set is the latest in next generation portable test for professional analog and digital radio communications. The 3920 is loaded with new features including automatic test and alignment of Motorola XTS-5000 radios, STI Site Survey and EIA/TIA-603 standards for testing any FM Land Mobile Radio.

Bird RescueLine Signal Booster

Bird RescueLine Signal Booster is the first system to fully comply with the IFC 2009 and NFPA 1 2009 codes - making it the state-of-the-art electronic lifeline for first responders. It features a 12-hour battery backup and an alarm interface providing all five required alarm conditions. www.bird-technologies.com

Dataradio Sentry 4G-900™ Mobile Broadband Router

The Dataradio Sentry 4G-900™ mobile broadband router by CalAmp provides high-speed, long-range data connectivity in unlicensed 900 MHz spectrum. Based on industrial grade IEEE 802.16e-2005 technology, it features extensive routing capabilities with an easy-to-use interface. Built-in GPS, two Ethernet ports and an IEEE 802.11b/g access point allows connectivity virtually anywhere. www.calamp.com

Cimarron QuikSync with OTAR

QuikSync combines high-security true hopping code encryption. It also offers OTAR plus full MDC-1200 signaling. Using software-defined encryption QuikSync retains excellent voice spectrum for clear transmissions. It offers users advanced security at an affordable price. Cimarron specializes in encryption and automatic numeric identification (ANI) for MDC-1200, FleetSync, GE-STAR and DTMF formats. www.cimtechcorp.com

Low Loss Combiner

Comprod Communications is proud to release its low loss, close frequency combiners and filter line. Capable of min. transmit spacing, 50 kHz in VHF and 75 kHz in UHF, Comprod’s combiners are the best performing in the industry. Need a custom rack to fit your mechanical footprint, require an entire filter and antenna solution, turn to Comprod "an extension of your company." Supporting our customers for over 35 years. www.comprodcom.com

Multi-Line Remote

TRML multi-line remotes allow a remote user to control up to 4 radios. The TRML provides volume controls for selected and unselected lines, activity indicator per line, select all for transmit on all lines, RX mute per line, and many other features. For information on the TRML or other CPI products contact CPI. www.cpicomm.com

Transportable P25 Trunked Radio System

Daniels Electronics introduces a family of P25 trunked radio systems available in VHF, UHF and 800 MHz bands for fixed and transportable applications. Daniels' P25 Trunked Radio System provides a small, compact, low-power stand-alone system that can be quickly deployed on a temporary or permanent basis. www.danelec.com

700/800 MHz Broadband Panel Antenna

dbSpectra introduces the DS7A12P90U-N 700/800 MHz panel antenna. This antenna is rated at 500 watts and provides 12 dBd of gain with a 90 degree horizontal beamwidth. The operational frequency band of 746-869 MHz covers both 700 MHz and 800 MHz systems. N-female or 7/16 DIN connector versions are available for this model. The DS7A12P90U-N is a perfect solution for your new analog or digital radio system. www.dbspectra.com

EADS CORP25 solution: Adaptable, Flexible

EADS Secure Networks' CORP25 solution is an open, standards-based digital trunked radio system for local, countywide, statewide and federal public-safety networks, leveraging the power of IP and the Project 25 Working Group standards to remove traditional proprietary boundaries, freeing Public Safety Agencies to choose from different vendors and technologies. www.eads-na.com

Project 25, SMARTNET/SmartZone, and TDMA in one radio

EFJohnson's award-winning ES Series of portable and mobile radios now feature a TDMA option. Protect your radio investment while easing the transition to the next phase of interoperability. The ES Series radios have remarkable versatility due to their interoperability with Project 25 trunked and conventional modes, SMARTNET®/ SmartZone®, and now an option for TDMA. www.efjohnson.com

Rotary Switches for Mobile Radios

Why are Elma's rotary switches used in the top mobile and portable radios in the world? Elma's quality, rugged design is unsurpassed in the industry. With our famous “click with a kick” tactile feedback, extreme durability, and creative solutions, industry leaders choose Elma for standard and customized designs. www.elma.com

FreeLinc Introduces The Freemotion 100

The FreeMotion 100 is FreeLinc's newest wireless communications system for two-way radios. The sleek, contemporary design of the FreeMotion 100 is great for covert operations. Using the same Near Field Magnetic Induction technology found in all FreeLinc Wireless Systems, your communications are always secure and reliable. Contact sales@freelinc.com for more information. www.freelinc.com

One or Two Radio Control

GAI-Tronics' ITR1000-001 Tone Remote Deskset is capable of controlling one or two base radios. This programmable feature is accompanied by improved audio output (-15 to +15 dB) and the ability to program the speaker for constant-on operation. Don't give up quality for an economical solution. Contact GAI-Tronics. www.gai-tronics.com

R8000 Analyzer
now tests P25!

Now featuring comprehensive P25 test capability, the General Dynamics R8000 is the world's only portable full-featured radio test set. Weighing just 14 lbs. and possessing a spectrum analyzer comparable to expensive stand-alone instruments (noise floor < -120 dBm), the software-defined R8000 is the future of communications test. Get a demonstration today. www.gdsatcom.com

CloneWatch Helps Stop Duplicate Radios

Likely, cloned radios are stealing valuable airtime on your trunking system. CloneWatch from Genesis is a powerful add-on module to our popular network management suite GenWatch3®. CloneWatch identifies and helps eliminate cloned radios. Use it on your SmartZone®, SmartNet® or Dimetra system as a powerful weapon against hackers www.genesisworld.com/CW

Havis-Shields Equipment

The IdleRight vehicle idle fuel management system will monitor a battery's condition and automatically idle vehicles when necessary. The system will decrease engine wear and harmful exhaust emissions, lengthening the life of the vehicle, officials said. The product exceeds anti-idling regulations in most states and works with gas and diesel engines. www.havis.com

Slightly Different than the Usual Herd

Get YOUR Communications Systems out of the JUNGLE with Hutton Communications. Hutton stocks the products you need for immediate shipment and fast, economical delivery. From antennas, cables, towers, two-way radio accessories, microwave radios, and thousands of other wireless communications products. Let Hutton be your wireless products experts. Visit us online at www.huttononline.com.

110 Watt Icom VHF Mobile

Presenting the IC-F9511HT, Icom's newest and most powerful public-safety mobile ever. P25 trunking, P25 conventional and analog, all in one. 512 channels. Digital/analog mixed-mode operation automatically detects type of incoming signal. Also allows mixed-mode transmit if programmed for it. Shown with optional remotable head and speaker. www.icomamerica.com

New Kenwood P25 mobiles and portables

New VHF and UHF portable and mobile P25 two-way radios offer compact, rugged design and fully featured performance at an affordable price. The new TK-5220 (VHF) and TK-5320 (UHF) 5-watt portables, with the TK-5720 (VHF, 50 W) and TK-5820 (UHF, 45 W) mobiles complete the Kenwood line of P25 solutions at all price levels for public safety and critical infrastructure. www.kenwoodusa.com

Midian's Voice Security Products

Midian's voice security products protect radio communications for public safety, military, fleet and industrial users. Midian offers voice inversion, rolling code and frequency domain voice scramblers with a total of 7 levels of security. Plug-in voice scramblers are available for HYT, Icom, Kenwood, Maxon, Motorola, Tait and Vertex radios. www.midians.com

Moducom Introduces New Website

ModUcom, innovators of the Ultra-Com IP E911/Radio Dispatch Control System, has launched a new interactive website www.moducom.com/rr. The completely redesigned site offers a realistic flash demo, informative white papers and much more. For a limited time request a live online demo and receive a free 1 GB flash drive, enter promo code: RR.

OTTO’s New High Value 2 Wire Monitoring Kit

The new model features a twist-off acoustic tube with a rubber ear tip. The tube is easily attached and removed so it is easy to share communications devices between shifts. This 2 Wire Monitoring Kit built to tough government specs. There's a built-in soft-touch push-to-talk (PTT) microphone, black Kevlar-reinforced cable and clothing clip. Additionally, OTTO offers a 15-month warranty. For more information on the two wire monitoring kit and other OTTO products, visit www.ottoexcellence.com

PlantCML Offers Next Gen Solutions Now

PlantCML, an EADS North America company, is the industry's leading provider of crisis communications and response technologies, pioneering the next generation of E9-1-1 and secure network communications through Voice over IP-enabled applications, interoperable P25 radio systems and advanced emergency notification technologies. www.plantcml.com

P25 Vehicular Repeater from Pyramid

The SVR-P250 is the next-generation vehicular repeater from Pyramid Communications that is fully compliant with the APCO Project 25 Phase 1 digital common air interface (CAI) protocol. Getting reliable, portable on-scene coverage outside the vehicle has never been easier or more secure than with the SVR-P250. www.pyramidcomm.com


ComSite9-1-1e from RCC Consultants independently tests and verifies the accuracy of wireless 9-1-1 caller location information. The software helps the nation’s public safety answering points (PSAPs) assess the accuracy of location information that is delivered to their PSAP by any wireless carrier. ComSite9-1-1e performs ad-hoc testing in defined target areas or across the entire service area, inside buildings and over water. The system's testing methodology is based on nationally recognized standards published by the FCC. Visit the Web site www.rcc.com

The Rapid Deployment Portable Repeater

The RDPR (Rapid Deployment Portable Repeater) is versatile and field deployable in minutes. This self sustainable unit is a problem solver, offering cross mode (digital/analog), cross band (VHF/UHF), 2 channel, linked repeater and so much more. With RELM Wireless, you truly get a whole new RELM of possibilities. www.relm.com

SHOPWARE Software 5.0 is HERE!

ShopWare was conceived, developed and supported by individuals in the wireless communications and tower businesses for 40 years. Connecting customer information, job tickets, service calls, along with radios, towers, frequencies and contracts has never been so easy. All modules are included. Available to work with QuickBooks and Peachtree Accounting Software. www.shopwaresoftware.com

Mobile Satellite Radio From SkyTerra

The MSAT-G2 Mobile Satellite Radio supports continentwide push-to-palk (PTT) communications and the origination and reception of telephone calls. Additional features include GPS capability and flexible interconnectivity to a variety of 3rd party interoperability interfaces, extending the reach of traditional Land Mobile Radio technology. www.skyterra.com

See Coverage on Google Earth

SoftWright announces a new RF modeling tool that integrates its Terrain Analysis Package software with Google Earth to show radio links and coverage in 3D. An engineer can fly down a path and see areas causing signal deterioration. Coverage maps may be viewed with the all the capability of Google Earth.www.softwright.com

New STI-CO® VHF Bumper Antenna

The STI-CO® VHF bumper diversity antenna is completely hidden and performs better than the license plate styles currently on the market! This diversity antenna covers at least 20 MHz in the VHF frequency range. Detailed instructions are provided and our expert technicians are available to assist your installer. www.sti-co.com

Drive Test P25 Coverage and Quality

STI Field Test 6 with P25 BER Option is used to measure coverage and quality of P25 signals, verifying critical communications coverage. Every second BER is calculated and GPS location is recorded. Frequency bands available are VHF, UHF or 700/800 MHz. Or measure Quality of Service on any P25 modulated carrier. www.surveytech.com

Telewave antennas target government systems

The Telewave ANT425 series includes dipole and collinear antennas designed to cover the 380-470 MHz band for government, military, and public-safety systems. Rugged dipole arrays provide wide beamwidth and up to 9 dBd gain, while the collinear offers 2.5 dBd gain with omni coverage in a compact package. www.telewave.com

Telex Dispatch

The Telex IP-223 IP network remote adapter provides a reliable means of remotely controlling up to two two-way radio base stations. The adapter can be used in conjunction with all Telex IP-based consoles and software consoles. The antenna is versatile and provides compatibility with new radio frequency standards. www.telex.com/radiodispatch

Twisted Pair Solutions Shipping WAVE® 4.8

WAVE 4.8 is the latest version of Twisted Pair Solution's unified communications software. With a completely redesigned and enhanced Desktop Communicator™ and native support for Motorola MOTOTRBO™ and Trident PassPort radio systems, WAVE 4.8 represents another significant step forward as the industry's leading solution for integrating disparate radio systems and other communications technologies and applications into a single, manageable standards-based solution. www.twistpair.com

New VX-829 Submersible Portable

Vertex Standard offers total system solutions to the world's public safety markets. The VX-829 portable features 16- or 512-channel capacity. The frequency range of 134-174 MHz and 450-512 MHz keeps your team connected - all in a small 4 x 2 in. portable. Check out the vertex standard difference at www.vertexstandard.com/vsvideo

Zetron's Acom Advanced Communication System

Acom's end-to-end digital architecture and interoperability integrates voice (radio and telephone), data, paging and video transmitted over a LAN or a Web browser to provide unmatched flexibility and ease of use. Operating on a local-area or wide-area backbone, a single Acom switch can support large-capacity, regionwide or countrywide dispatch systems. www.zetron.com

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The leading industry trade magazine is now available in an interactive,
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