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Enterprise Electronics has sold and installed cell-phone detection and capture systems for nearly 10 years now; jamming is useless because it merely masks the issue. We capture the phone and eliminate it from the prison. This is the real solution. Every radio savvy person knows that you can’t run a transmitting signal (jamming or otherwise) 24/7 and not expect failure of the unit eventually. Inmates have lots of time on their hands to find that “cold spot” in your jamming signal to use the phone or simply wait until the jammer burns up.
Correctional people are being “motivated” by an unscrupulous vendor/manufacturer who has hired a European “consultant” to lobby the FCC to allow them to sell their worthless junk here. No U.S. manufacturer makes this stuff; they are Chinese and of highly suspect “coverage tune-ability” as the facilities swear they will adhere to.
Everyone knows radio signals travel through walls; we rely on that to make cell phones and radios do their job. So who in their right mind believes they can contain the opposing jamming signals when we can’t stop the legitimate ones?
Bob Burchett
Certified Communications Engineer
Enterprise Electronics

In reference to “Confiscation Is Better Policy than Jamming” from Aug. 3
I have to wonder how many of the corrections officers realize what they may be requesting two comments come to mind: Be careful what you ask for, and don’t shoot yourself in the foot.
Because many public-safety and law-enforcement agencies function in close proximity to the jamming device frequencies, I am curious why the simplest solution is not enforced. Just ban the cell phones. The correction facilities in my local area all require special in-building amplifiers just to be able to use their 800 MHz equipment. Again a jamming device would most likely block public-safety and law-enforcement communications as well as the cell traffic.
Dave Hubbard
Radio Communications Manager
Information Services Department
Manatee County (Fla.) Government


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