Narrowbanding Quiz
Monday, June 13, 2011 | Comments
How much do you know about narrowbanding? Test your knowledge by taking our quiz. Look for the questions in the June print issue of MissionCritical Communications or in our digital issue on Page 6. Following are the questions and answers:
1. How many letters did the FCC recently send out reminding licensees of the upcoming narrowbanding deadline?
            A. 800
            B. 14,000
            C. 32,000
Answer: C. 32,000
2. If newly authorized facilities receive harmful interference from unauthorized wideband operations, the commission may require the noncompliant wideband operator to promptly remedy the interference, which may include cessation of operations.
            A. True
            B. False
Answer: A. True
3. The FCC requires that agencies possess several factors on their FCC license to use narrowband frequencies, including: 
A. The narrowband emission (11K)
B. Tower heights
C. Transmitter effective radiated power (ERP)
D. Control point/point of contacts (POCs)
E. All of the above
Answer: E. All of the above

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