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Monday, December 31, 2012 | Comments
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In response to “ATIS, TIA to Develop Text-to-9-1-1 Standard” from Dec. 18
If Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) as stated come together for the development of a standard for text to 9-1-1, why have they not made available to the general marketplace vendors outside of the members of those committees any time frame for an application programming interface (API) to be written to and if they are going to have a requirement for a new gateway?
In addition, I would like to know when and who will make an API available for development work for the vendors to be prepared, as well the direction they are considering.
Thank you.
Steve Irving
Vice President, Business Development/Sales

I've never been to Lake Tahoe, but I always associated it with the rich and wealthy. We have many municipalities and fire departments in some truly poor rural areas in the Midwest, and they have scrounged for money and replaced noncompliant equipment. Maybe Lake Tahoe is holding out for a government bailout so they don’t have to dig into their own pockets.
Dave Stout

Sounds like Motorola has a large warehouse of wideband equipment it can't sell. The FCC made the narrowband equipment requirement to force the users to go narrowband. Motorola's request, if granted, would only delay the inevitable and cause more problems such as 25-kilohertz to 12.5-kilohertz co-channel interference.
Charles Kummer
ODOT/OSP Wireless Section
Senior Wireless Systems Specialist
Salem, Ore.

When will we ever learn? First we spent untold millions on the super-duper 700 and 800 MHz interoperability system, and now we are trying to bet the farm once again on infrastructure-dependent cell-phone systems!
Again, when will we ever learn? When we go completely broke?
Jim Tuggle

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