September 2014 Inbox
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In response to “What’s the Best Path Forward for T-Band Users?” from May 2014


It has amazed me just how little has been done on this issue. Given the large investments by big cities such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles — let alone the rest of us — it's more than frustrating. The National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPSTC), Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International and others have appointed committees, there have been visits to the halls of Congress, yet I've seen no broad, unified action. As one that's been around government large and small for 38 years, I've seen focused, targeted lobbying slay larger legislative dragons.

The clock is (still) ticking.

Michael Guerin
Upland, California



In response to “Pending 700 MHz Narrowband Decisions” from the September 2014 issue


Thank you for your comments regarding the FCC's 700 MHz narrowbanding deadline. The Regional Wireless Cooperative (RWC) and other Phoenix metropolitan regional partners filed a petition with the FCC several years ago. Although I was advised that this issue would not be resolved quickly, I had no true appreciation for the snail’s pace that these issues move. Obviously, an FCC decision is still pending at this writing.

I have attempted to stay in touch with the FCC Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau (PSHSB) staff, but frankly I believe at this point they are also frustrated at the time required to render an opinion or change the rule. Consequently, they have remained virtually silent when I request updates. Our board of directors meets bi-monthly with the next meeting scheduled Sept. 25. I consistently request updates from FCC staff, even if the reply is simply: "No progress to report." However, I don't expect an answer as has been the standard over the last many months.

Again, we all anxiously await a decision and appreciate you continuing to keep this in the forefront of your publications.

David Felix
Executive Director
Regional Wireless Cooperative



In response to “FCC Rules Against Utilities, Oil Firms in 220 MHz Dispute” from Sept. 16


It seems we (the energy utility industry) are really not a critical industry in the eyes of our government, unless, of course, we become government agencies such as a public utility district (PUD). Let’s face it, we are the bastard child of the energy industry.

We have always felt the fix was against private utilities ever since the FCC started the exclusionary rulings in the 700 MHz bands, and now our suspicions have been confirmed.

Jim Nolan
Senior Engineer
Gillespie, Prudhon & Associates



In response to “Tait Buys SGM, Establishes Latin American Operations” from Sept. 16


Congratulations for the operation done! I am very glad to read about the two companies involved in this, since I have worked many years at Philips Chilena and several years at Interexport, having been the coordinator between Interexport and Tait.

SGM has excellent ex-colleagues from Philips. In Tait I found also excellent, efficient and reliable people.?I wish you every success in this new conformation for the activity in Latin America.

Hernan Marambio
MKS Radiocommunications



In response to “Napa’s Public-Safety Network Holds Up After Earthquake” from Sept. 5


Clearly this is a success story for not only their department and technical staff, but also for the system itself. More robust, reliable and dependable than digital radio systems, less expense, better coverage and just plain better. Our very similar system survived last year’s floods with no problems while the Colorado Statewide Digital Trunked Radio (DTR) system went into constant busies. Project 25 (P25) digital is way overrated especially because the cost of those systems is so high.

Norman Alexander



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