7 Takeaways from the Wireless Leadership Summit
Tuesday, October 13, 2015 | Comments

The 2015 Wireless Leadership Summit was held Oct. 7 –9 in Atlanta. Here are seven quick takeaways from the event, which touched on a range of spectrum issues.

1. The FCC’s answer to limited spectrum in a new society driven by data is spectrum sharing. Because there is no more “virgin” spectrum, Mark Crosby, president of summit organizer Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA), said that all spectrum will be re-evaluated to accommodate the exponential increase in demand for data.

2. Advances in technology will be implemented to accommodate frequency sharing. These new technologies will put pressure on frequency coordination, which should benefit EWA.

3. EWA has been chosen as the frequency coordinator for the medical body area networks, which shares frequency with aeronautical testing. At press time, the FCC had not yet made an official announcement.

4. EWA announced a new module for wireless system investment prediction for its members. Users enter their information, and the program will estimate operational costs with a commercial cellular system, a private carrier or a private system.

5. The alliance will continue to fight for interleave changes in the 900 MHz band, because the FCC will evaluate the issue in the near future.

6.EWA will also continue to fight for the UHF T-band and 800 MHz guard band channels, as well as keeping speculators at bay so incumbents have an opportunity to expand their businesses.

7. Pacific DataVision (PDV) will continue to partner with strategic SMRs around the country. Ultimately they are betting on the FCC to retune the interleaved channels in the 900 MHz spectrum for a future private Long Term Evolution (LTE) network.

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