Raytheon JPS Communications Ceases Operations
Friday, January 29, 2016 | Comments
Raytheon JPS Communications is closing its business operations, according to a letter sent to a manufacturer’s representative canceling its agreement.

“This letter serves to inform you that, as of this date, JPS Communications Inc. is closing business operations,” said the letter to Carroll Hollingsworth, CEO of DH Marketing in Lago Vista, Texas. “This letter constitutes formal notice that your manufacturer’s representative agreement is being cancelled. We ask that you cease all sales activities of JPS products.”

The letter, signed by Arthur Powers, vice president – contracts and corporate development, said all JPS warranty obligations will be fulfilled, as well as any other service and maintenance obligations that have been contracted.

"Raytheon will cease operations of its JPS Subsidiary, effective Jan. 29," the company said in an e-mailed statement. "Raytheon consistently reviews its business portfolio to ensure we are providing and investing in the products and services needed by our customers and aligned with the company’s core areas of expertise. Since acquiring JPS, there have been market changes that no longer align with Raytheon’s core technology and business strategy. Employees of the business will be provided with severance packages according to standard company policy."

Numerous public-safety and mission-critical communications networks in North America include Raytheon JPS interoperability gateways. Raytheon purchased JPS Communications from Don Scott and other owners.

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On 4/6/16, Guy Guttenberger said:
We have a lot of the SVN-12 voters. Does anyone know where you can send the boards to get repaired or if any dealers still have some of the boards in stock?

On 3/15/16, Harold Pierson said:
Well after the jaw-dropping announcement the Raytheon was closing JPS, I like others wondered what the future would hold as a large public-safety organization that depends on JPS voters to support our VHF system. I have had the privilege to have called on Benny many times going back 20 years.
Always a class act, and the support we received was the best. I have heard that the previous owners are negotiating to buy back their company; this can not happen soon enough. For all of the employees let go, let's hope this is a short vacation and everyone will be back to work soon.
It is very hard to understand big business, but having been one who was cut because of the same mentality, all I can say is, "Hang in there, something better will come along."

On 2/9/16, Gary Benson said:
I echo Benny's comments. Although Raytheon decided to close JPS, there are folks that are negotiating with Raytheon to buy the business. I hope the company can be back in business soon and support the many great customers we have.

On 2/7/16, Jim Eatock said:
Poo. Can t say what I'm really thinking. I hope someone out there who doesn't drink digital Kool-Aid buys JPS to support the many installations that rely on the SNV analog voting systems. Contrary to the hype, analog still works and will always be here, plus not all markets are going digital — marine and aviation come to mind. To Benny, "thank you, sir." To a new buyer, "hire Benny."

On 2/5/16, Benny Hillmann said:
Thanks Sean. I didn't get your message because they'd already confiscated my phone. We didn't have any warning either. I enjoyed working with all of you and have always believed in Don Scott's original vision. I worked with some great folks at JPS who also cared about what they were doing. We each now have to find a job.

On 2/3/16, Stacy Kinlaw said:
Damn good equipment too. A real shame price points couldn't be aligned better to compete in the market place. Now just less capable stuff.

On 2/3/16, Gildersleeve said:
Seems typical for a huge company. Earn millions of dollars from overpriced communications equipment through Department of Homeland Security grants. Distribute equipment throughout the country, then change products every few years so you have to upgrade. In the end stop providing firmware updates as was promised and just discontinue products, making equipment that is deployed obsolete.

On 2/3/16, Ken Brannan said:
WOW is all I can say ... All of the ACU-1000s and the NXU-2s out there. Every public-safety agency around me here has them, and they are stuck with no support now. I always thought it was a bad idea when Raytheon bought JPS...

On 2/3/16, Jeff Doles said:
This is just sickening. So many ACUs and NXUs out there and now no more support. Raytheon really put the public-safety sector and the military in a terrible place. Wonder how much money they made off of federal grants and contracts. Now we have lots of interoperable communications equipment and no support or parts.

On 2/3/16, Sean Tajkowski said:
if you need support, please call anytime. We support many agencies and have contacted Benny Hillmann to give a great thank you for all his help over the years. A great asset. They will work this out. It's not over yet. It's just big business. Too big to fall.
Sean Tajkowski - 310 713-5491

On 2/3/16, JOHN PATRIZI said:
I can't believe that a company such as Raytheon has pulled the rug out from under thousands of systems and public-safety customers. I hope that somebody buys this product and brings it back to the market. Believe it of not there are many of us who have no intention of drinking out of the digital Kool-aid. Analog works just fine for many of us where digital has no place or market.

On 2/2/16, Jeff Montgomery said:
Maybe they will look for someone to buy JPS. I hope so because the market should be there for a long time.

On 1/30/16, Paul Gilbert said:
Bloody nice to give some warning.
Typical big defense company move — no loyalties to their customers. So what do we do from here for those who have oodles of their equipment?

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