Hytera Responds to Motorola Solutions Patent, Trade Secret Allegations
Thursday, March 23, 2017 | Comments

Hytera Communications said it is “ready to respond vigorously to Motorola Solutions’ allegations” and is fully confident that Hytera will be vindicated in U.S. federal court, one week after Motorola filed complaints in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois against Hytera for allegedly infringing Motorola patents and stealing trade secrets.

“We are disappointed that Motorola Solutions has chosen to bring lawsuits against Hytera rather than compete in the marketplace,” a Hytera statement said. “Today’s radio communications markets are evolving, demanding new solutions and are best served by continuous innovation from all market participants.”

Hytera said it devotes extensive investments and efforts to advancing its technology offerings and solutions to meet the increasing needs of radio communications markets for products in TETRA; Digital Mobile Radio (DMR); Professional Digital Trunking (PDT), a technology used in China; and other radio technologies.

Motorola’s complaints assert that Hytera’s two-way radios, base stations, repeaters and dispatch systems, as well as its related commercialization and sales activities, are infringing patents owned by Motorola Solutions and using stolen Motorola Solutions trade secrets. Therefore, the alleged activity has enabled Hytera to compete unfairly by bypassing investment in innovation, a statement from the U.S.-based manufacturer said.

“Hytera is built on innovation,” the company said. “Hytera has been one of the leading intellectual property (IP) owners in the industry over the last two decades. Since filing its first patent application in 2000, Hytera has been awarded 418 patents worldwide covering numerous innovations and advancements, including 238 patents relating to digital products. Hytera has been proactively protecting its innovative technologies. Given Hytera’s own global strategy of IP protection, we have great respect for the IP rights of others.”

Motorola Solutions is seeking to stop Hytera’s sales and import of the infringing products into the United States.

Hytera said in the statement that by choosing the courtroom over the marketplace, Motorola Solutions is running from legitimate competition and attempting to use its size and market position to intimidate and prevent other radio communications companies such as Hytera from achieving the same level of success in the United States that it has around the world.

“As the fastest growing radio communications company in the world, Hytera embraces competition,” Hytera said. “Competition results in increased innovation and more choices for dealers and customers — and our customers always come first. Hytera will continue to stand by these principles and compete ethically and vigorously to bring cutting-edge products and solutions to the market. Nothing will change our focus.”

The full Hytera statement is here.

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On 5/31/18, Nick said:
Looks like Hytera has chosen to do exactly what they accuse Motorola of and chosen the courtroom over the marketplace.

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