Verizon Enters Public-Safety LTE Market with Dedicated Core, Priority, Pre-Emption
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MiMO WaveStreamer Antenna
STI-CO’s cutting edge MiMO WaveStreamer Antenna is designed to provide superior communication for 4G, GPS, and WiFi applications. It features an optimized RF design for excellent performance. MORE

Freedom R8100 LMR Communications System Analyzer
The R8100 is the newest LMR communications system analyzer from Freedom Communication Technologies. Optimized for portability and user-friendliness, it features the same industry-leading spectral purity and scalability as the R8000, with a suite of enhanced features designed to maximize suitability for field use and provide advanced ergonomics. MORE

CAPE 18-way Multi Charger Provides a Simple Solution
Are you still using a single charger per radio for your charging needs? Are you running out of desk space due to hundreds of chargers and cables? The solution is a simple one, move to the CAPE 18-way multi charger. MORE

One Test Set, Endless Possibilities
Your testing possibilities are endless with the Cobham AvComm 8800SX Radio Test Set. With P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2 test capabilities, coverage mapping software, a comprehensive library of automated test and alignment suites for today's P25 radios, antenna VSWR and Return Loss measurements, RF Cable Distance-to-Fault measurement, 500 Watt Thru Line Power Meter, battery operated portability and proven ruggedness, the Cobham AvComm 8800SX Digital Radio Test Set is the perfect product for public MORE

Cyber Protect Your Public Safety Network
SecuLore Solutions is a Cybersecurity company focused on Public Safety. We combine our knowledge of NG9-1-1 with deep cybersecurity expertise and an understanding of cyber-hacking techniques. Paladin™, our flagship product, provides an invisible protective shield, alerting 9-1-1 PSAPs to ransomware and other cyber-attacks. We also offer SecuLore CyberBenchmark™, an evaluation based upon FCC, DHS and NIST guidelines for public safety, which uses Paladin to outline the appropriate procedures to protect an agency's network. MORE

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