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Guidelines for Submitting Editorial

How to Submit a Feature Article
If you have not contacted Editor Danny Ramey regarding submitting an article, please call +1 303.792.2390 x109 or e-mail Once an article has been discussed, please follow the guidelines below.

Email a digital copy of each article submission to The length for feature articles is between 1,500 and 2,000 words. Please include schematic diagrams, figures, tables, photos or slides when submitting an article. (See Photo/Art Guidelines below.)

Articles should focus on communications technology, but not tout a particular product or service. “Puff pieces” will be rejected or severely edited. However, if you do mention your company’s offerings, make sure you give equal space in the article to your competitors.

The article must be original. It is the author’s responsibility to inform the editor immediately if the article has appeared in, or submitted to, any other wireless trade journal. All authors must sign a shared copyright form. If the article was used as a paper at a seminar or other event, please state all pertinent information at the end of the article.

On the final page, include all reference materials used in writing the article, as well as any supplemental materials. Acknowledge those who assisted you. Please provide a brief bio for each author (about 25 words each).

All articles will be edited for style and content. Upon request, authors will have an opportunity to view the edited version before it is published.

Photo/Art Guidelines
Please include schematic diagrams, figures, tables, photos or slides as separate art files with the article text. Preferred file formats are TIFF, JPG or EPS files. PDFs are also acceptable, but not preferred. All photos must be 300 dpi or greater resolution for print.

7 Tips for Submitting Press Releases
1. Always indicate the publication for which the release should be considered —MissionCritical Communications or RadioResource International.

2. Please include company name, address, phone, e-mail and contact name. If sent by an agency, the release should include the manufacturer’s contact information.

3. Include the date of release at the top of the first page to ensure proper timing of publication. Allow a two-month lead-time from print issue date. Online news is generally posted within 48 hours.

4. Product announcements should be for new or significantly improved products only and contain at least 100 words. News releases tend to be longer. Please be as objective and descriptive as possible. Excessive “puffery” or unsubstantiated claims will be edited.

5. News and product photos are encouraged. News photos should portray subjects on location, with equipment when appropriate. Color photos are preferred. Any people in a photo should be identified. Digital submissions should be high resolution (300 dpi or higher) and submitted in TIFF, JPEG or EPS formats.

6. We receive hundreds of press releases every month, and each one is considered equally for publication. Because we have limited amount of magazine space, we cannot promise publication, give preference or ensure photo placement.

7. Send news, product and event announcements and releases to:
Attn: News Editor
Fax: +1 303.792.2391
Mail: RadioResource Media Group
7108 S. Alton Way, Building H
Centennial, CO 80112


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