Miami Beach Police Procure IPT Batteries
Friday, October 09, 2015 | Comments

The Miami Beach Police Department established a new approach in procuring radio batteries, selecting Impact Power Technologies (IPT) batteries.

The department depends almost entirely on Motorola Solutions XTS 3000/5000 two-way handheld radios for its communications. However, the OEM batteries that powered their radios couldn’t hold a charge longer than eight hours, even when new. Then the batteries would drastically deteriorate just as the one-year warranty expired.

The department trained officers to immediately recharge or replace the batteries upon hearing a warning chirp, but as the OEM batteries aged, they gave little notice before dying, leaving officers without communications until they could get to a backup battery.

In procuring new batteries, the department drafted a highly specific invitation to qualify (ITQ) that required every vendor provide two batteries and one charger for evaluation. The batteries were disseminated to different areas of the department, where they were tested in the field for length of transmitting time and stand-by mode, as well as recharge duration. Radio systems technicians ran each battery through a series of tests for fit and function, connection contact, durability, heat resistance, UL rating, charger agnostics and fit-in-duty belt holsters.

The IPT batteries performed the best and were considerably lighter than the other tested batteries, Miami Beach Police Department Technology Lt. David Hernandez said. Additionally, the IPT batteries safely charged on OEM or tri-chemistry chargers.

“IPT’s battery performance was like night and day over the OEM or any other battery we tested,” Hernandez said. “It was easy to justify spending a few more dollars to replace the OEM with IPT, especially when we’re getting between double and triple the lifespan in return value.”

The department made an initial purchase of about 100 IPT batteries two years ago. Each year, the agency has continued to deploy new IPT batteries in phases as part of its annual replacement budget. With the next purchase by the end of October, the agency will be almost fully equipped.

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