LMCC Asks for Clarification on Wideband Exclusive-Use Channels
Monday, November 09, 2015 | Comments

The Land Mobile Communications Council (LMCC) asked the FCC to confirm the intent of FCC Rule Section 90.187(d)(ii)(1)(D).

Business/industrial land transportation (B/ILT) and public-safety frequency advisory committees routinely process requests for exclusive-use channels (FB8/MO8) without regard to licenses that identify only a noncompliant, wideband emission designator.

Justification for that frequency coordination procedure is based on an interpretation of the rule section to mean that wideband-only licenses are not affected parties, have no spectrum rights, and would be obligated to vacate the channel to address the interference it might receive and/or cause. Some coordinators attempt to avoid instances of interference by notifying applicants for FB8/MO8 channels of the presence of wideband-only licenses that would be considered an affected license if it were authorized for narrowband operation.

However, a source within the FCC said that frequency advisory committees (FACs) were to assume that the noncompliant licenses should be considered as operating the minimum acceptable narrowband emission designator, which necessitated the LMCC confirmation letter. Because exclusive-use channels are being certified and licensed with the possible presence of noncompliant wideband operations, the LMCC also requested that the FCC eliminate the Universal Licensing System (ULS) tool that allows “licensees” to modify from exclusively noncompliant to compliant emission designators without prior frequency coordination.

“LMCC members need to have confidence that the exclusive-use channels they license in compliance with these critical rules will be upheld if questioned,” said LMCC President Gregory Kunkle. “Exclusive-use channels are difficult to locate, especially in more populated areas of the country, and are critical for the efficient deployment of trunked radio systems used by business enterprises, private carriers and public-safety entities. It would not be fair to licensees that are playing by the rules to lose opportunities for exclusive channels due to licenses that have been out of compliance for several years.”

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