European Project Aims to Design Next-Generation 1-1-2 Platform
Friday, November 13, 2015 | Comments

Eleven organizations across Europe will work to improve current technologies and design a next-generation emergency platform enabling communications from citizens to emergency call centers as part of the the EMYNOS (nExt generation eMergencY commuNicatiOnS) project, which launched in September.

EMYNOS seeks to design and implement a next-generation platform, capable of accommodating rich-media emergency calls that combine voice, text and video, thus constituting a powerful tool for coordinating communication among citizens, call centers and first responders.

Fraunhofer Fokus of Berlin is leading the new EU-funded project. The 11 participants include telecom/satellite operators, VoIP providers, eCall testers and end users:

• Fraunhofer Fokus (Germany; project coordinator)
• Turksat (Turkey)
• Technological Educational Institute of Crete (Greece, technical manager)
• Navcert (Germany)
• Public Safety Communications Europe (Belgium)
• Serviciul de Telecomunicatii Speciale (Romania)
• VOZTELECOM Sistemas (Spain)
• Harpo (Poland)
• Hellenic Open University (Greece)
• Osterreichisches Rotes Kreuz (Austria)
• MCS Datalabs (Germany)

The project recognizes that the technologies for emergency systems and 1-1-2 services are becoming outdated and can no longer match the everyday needs of European citizens. Some of the related limitations of the current technologies are partial media support, a lack of integration of social media and the use of an analog modem for providing eCall services with limited data amounts.

Most operators started migrating toward broadband IP-based infrastructures a few years ago, and current emergency systems also need to be upgraded and adapted to fulfill the regulatory requirements in terms of next-generation emergency services. Additionally, the project will address issues such as call routing/redirection to the closest available call center, retrieval of the caller location, hoax calls prevention, support for people with disabilities and integration of social media. Some emphasis will also be placed on the new eCall system.

The EMYNOS project will run for two and a half years, until 1 March, 2018. The project website is available here.

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