JVCKENWOOD Launches DMR Product Line in United States
Tuesday, January 05, 2016 | Comments

JVCKENWOOD USA announced a full line of Kenwood Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) radios and infrastructure to the U.S. market.

JVCKENWOOD USA previously manufactured only Project 25 (P25) and NXDN radio equipment.

The new TK-D240V/D340V VHF/UHF digital portable and the TK-D740HV/D840HU VHF/UHF digital mobile radios operate in DMR Tier 2 mode, which specifies a two-slot TDMA protocol in 12.5-kilohertz channels, satisfying both European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and Telecommunication Industry Association (TIA) specifications. With the capability to operate in both digital and FM analog modes, users can migrate to full digital on their own schedules.

The new DMR radios offer high-quality audio, reliable coverage and a cost-effective solution. The portable has a voice announcement feature, available in three languages, which allows operation without having to look at the display.

Because up to two simultaneous subscriber calls can be supported in a single 12.5-kilohertz channel, a base station or repeater is not necessary, therefore doubling channel capacity and spectrum efficiency. Ideal for use in business, industrial and many mission-critical settings, both radios meet Mil-Std c/d/e/f/g standards for durability in varied conditions and feature Kenwood quality audio and AMBE+2 vocoder technology for voice clarity.

The new TKR-D710/D810 repeater rounds out the DMR offerings, with a DMR Tier 2 compatible interface, 30-channel capacity, digital display and AIS IP console interface option available with the KTI-5 interface box installed with the appropriate IP network software.

"The DMR technology is a cost-effective solution for users with limited spectrum and budget," said John North, vice president of sales/enterprise systems for JVCKENWOOD USA. "JVCKENWOOD continues to develop products to meet the market demand for scalable, standards-based solutions. We think the small manufacturing facilities, warehousing, schools, and venues that host special events are key targets for our DMR solution.” 

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On 1/12/16, Sandra Wendelken said:
Editor's Note: According to JVCKENWOOD, the firm's new Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) radios meet all interoperability (IOP) mandatory functions for interoperability. Your local Kenwood dealer can answer any of your specific questions about the new Kenwood DMR radios.

On 1/6/16, Gene Mrozek said:
So does this mean the new line works with the TDMA version on the Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO line?

On 1/6/16, Bill Bower said:
P25 Phase l
P25 Phase 2
You might say Kenwood knows something about digital and private professional wireless.

Yes KENWOOD DMR radios will interoperate with Motorola TRBO.

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