Eastern European Peacekeeping Groups Deploy Dual GSM-Satellite Service
Wednesday, February 22, 2017 | Comments

Two European Union (EU) peacekeeping organizations deployed a fleet management solution from Globalstar Europe Satellite Services, a subsidiary of Globalstar. Both organizations have responsibility for maintaining law and order, as well as carrying out judiciary, policing duties and border patrol in their regions.

The European Union Monitoring Mission in Georgia (EUMM) and EU Rule of Law Mission (EULEX) chose the Globalstar service to track and manage fleets, monitor driver behavior, and safeguard personnel and civilian passengers in Georgia and Kosovo respectively.

ETA Automatizari Industriale, a Romanian Globalstar value-added reseller, developed the platform, a bespoke hardware and software-based solution that automatically switches between GSM and Globalstar’s simplex satellite network. This dual technology approach delivers flexibility and maximizes cost effectiveness.

The organizations both sought a fleet tracking and monitoring platform to replace incumbent technology that was deemed inadequate. There was a rigorous tender process for each of the two deployments, contested by regional competitors and European providers proposing technologies including radio, GSM and subscriber identity module (SIM)-based solutions.

The phased deployment at the two organizations is now complete with SafeFleet Telematics installed in vehicles used for logistics and transport, including armored vehicles and all-terrain pathfinder vehicles. The more recent deployment, for EULEX, incorporated more than 530 Globalstar devices.

“In many areas where these peacekeeping organizations operate, the GSM network is not stable or far-reaching enough,” said Oliver Albu, international business manager, SafeFleet Telematics. “The most critical requirement was ubiquitous and reliable connection even where adequate GSM could not be guaranteed. Globalstar satisfied this demand.”

The technology also includes an RF identification (RFID)-based identification system to ensure each driver is authorized and in possession of the required license. Its one-touch panic button enables the driver to alert security teams and to summon support in an emergency. It also allows customers to monitor fuel consumption and other engine metrics to optimize vehicle performance and manage maintenance scheduling.

The deployment includes SmartOne, a plug-and-play simplex device that allows organizations to monitor and manage fixed and portable assets including shipping containers, transport trailers, construction machinery and vehicle fleets. The device enables customers to track assets and alerts them to any unexpected motion, such as attempts of theft.

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