Hytera Leadership Visits Sepura’s European Offices, Focuses on Convergence
Thursday, June 22, 2017 | Comments

Following Hytera’s acquisition of the Sepura Group, Qingzhou Chen, Hytera’s founder, chairman and CEO, and senior leadership team travelled to the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany for meetings with Sepura Group leadership and professionals and Hytera’s local teams in Europe.

The focus was the convergence of the global Sepura Group with the global Hytera company. Specifically, the team discussed market opportunities for Sepura, Teltronic, Hytera U.K. and Hytera Mobilfunk in Europe. Hytera held a series of leadership team meetings in Sepura's Cambridge, United Kingdom, office; at Teltronic in Zaragoza, Spain; and at Hytera Mobilfunk’s office in Bad Münder, Germany. The highlights of the trip were a series of town halls with the entire Sepura team — joined by local Hytera teams — in each of the locations.

During the Cambridge session, Yelin Jiang, Hytera’s vice president of research and development (R&D), described Hytera’s growth and successes in professional mobile radio (PMR). Yelin introduced Hytera’s markets, growth, product range and future plans. He described the pace of growth at Hytera, because of its investment in R&D and the talent and energy of its people.

Globally, Hytera is the fastest-growing PMR solutions provider, and digital solutions are now at the core of its service offerings. More than half of Hytera’s revenue comes from outside China; 55 percent comes from the public-safety market, Yelin said.

Yelin said Hytera must provide end-to-end solutions that reflect the ongoing convergence of narrowband and broadband technologies to continue to grow. In 2020, Hytera will expand to a new R&D facility in Shenzhen, China, with space for 10,000 employees.

Chen said Hytera is the second-largest PMR communications solutions provider in the world, and its Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) product lines have helped the company reach a market capitalization of more than £3.7 billion (US$4.7 billion).

Chen said he has long known about Sepura's products and technologies, and Sepura and Teltronic, including PowerTrunk, have a depth of talent, experience, focus and dedication that he appreciates. Hytera will add the strengths of Sepura and Teltronic to its operations in Europe, and Hytera’s organization and network of sales channels across Europe will allow it to become the biggest PMR provider in Europe, he said.

Chen said broadband solutions could be 10 times the size of the narrowband market. As the integration plan proceeds, Steve Barber will serve as acting CEO of Sepura, and Juan Ferro will serve as the CEO of Teltronic.

“We’ve heard the passionate speech by Mr. Chen, and he really wants to drive the business forward,” Barber said. “I hope we can embrace the opportunity, get on the train, drive the business forward, not just for Sepura, but across the whole Hytera Group.”

"Communication is a valuable and a very appreciated quality,” said Eva Palacios of Teltronic. "Mr. Chen's message of strength and growth has motivated us enormously. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to participate in this new business challenge and to contribute our knowledge and dedication in return."

"I was impressed that Mr. Chen took the opportunity to personally and openly discuss with us some of the important issues surrounding the acquisition,” said PowerTrunk’s Keith Ammons.

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