Washington County Gets Early Access to 800 MHz Expansion Band Channels
Thursday, December 14, 2017 | Comments

The FCC granted a waiver filed by Clark County, Washington, for early access to two 800 MHz expansion band channels to allow it to expand its composite contour footprint on two channels by a de minimis amount in a sparsely populated area.

Clark County operates a six-site trunked simulcast radio system on 12 private LMR (PLMR) channels in the 806 – 821/851 – 866 MHz band. Clark County is engaged in a multiyear $20 million project to upgrade its trunked radio system to improve coverage deficiencies.

As part of its upgrade, Clark County seeks to add two additional sites to its trunked simulcast radio system. The new sites will be located in the towns of Orchards and Yacolt, Washington, and would operate on the same 12 channels Clark County is licensed for including eight public-safety pool channels, two National Public Safety Planning Advisory Committee (NPSPAC) channels and two SMR pool channels from the expansion band.

The Orchards facility would not expand the composite contour of Clark County’s system. However, with addition of the Yacolt, the composite contour footprint would expand slightly in the northeast portion of the county.

The FCC said the waiver would not have a material effect on the spectrum environment in its NPSPAC region.

“We conclude therefore, that the slight increase in the composite footprint resulting from the addition of the Yacolt site to Clark County’s system is an unavoidable side effect of improvements that Clark County needs to enhance coverage within its operating area, and that Clark County does not seek to expand its authorized mobile operating area,” the order said. “We find it in the public interest to waive the bureaus’ policy on accepting expansion band applications so that Clark County can continue its multiyear project …”

The full order is here.

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