EWA to Ask FCC to Address Uncertified Asian Products Sold Online
Wednesday, January 17, 2018 | Comments

The Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA) said it plans to prepare a letter for review by the Land Mobile Communications Council (LMCC) membership that will be sent to the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau (EB) requesting that the commission respond to the increasing number of products imported from Asia.

Most of the Asian products in question are sold over the internet, for use on Part 90 spectrum that are not certified for Part 90 use, do not meet Part 90 technical requirements and permit front-panel programming of frequencies. Public-safety and business users are purchasing the devices, which present serious interference opportunities to both the device users and incumbent operations, EWA said.

The alliance also plans to alert radio dealers and their customers, as well as make national distributors aware, that certain products that they are distributing do not comply with federal regulations.

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On 1/24/18, Stacy Kinlaw said:
I found a school SYSTEM that had purchased Baofung UV-5 series 100s to replace the Icom radios I had sold them over the years before. When I advised that they did not meet FCC Part 90 acceptance and were illegal to the U.S., I was told that the supplier sold them the radios and that he did not say that they were illegal so they were going to continue to use them. I pointed the user toward the FCC site showing type acceptance, but it still fell on blind eyes and deaf ears. The site is a bit difficult to navigate.

On 1/24/18, Norman Hill said:
Many people and small businesses are buying less expensive Chinese radios because Motorola and its Japanese lackey Yaesu-Vertex are overpricing their radios. Please note that Hytera Chinese have FCC certification and DMR is an open digital radio system.
Also the few GMRS-FRS radios on the legal market look like junk and are junk. In fact, Radio Shack and Motorola pushed the FCC to approve the unlicensed Family Radio Service, which has also ruined GMRS. Don't blame the Chinese for giving a greedy American company some healthy competition. That's the American way.

On 1/18/18, Mark Weathersby said:
We have had an incident here in Dallas where a young man bought a wide open FPP 40 radio online, programmed it to our law enforcement (LE) channels and was calling in "officer down-shots fired" calls, one of which was at a school across from his home — the equivalent to a fire bug calling in a fire to see all the fire trucks responding, but this was via radio and got an overwhelming LE response. After he was apprehended, the young man admitted that he got the frequency and tone information from a popular scanner enthusiast database site.

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