NOAA Awards Potential $204M RF Interference Monitoring Contract
Tuesday, March 13, 2018 | Comments

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) awarded LGS Innovations $8.5 million toward a potential $204 million NOAA RF Interference Monitoring System (RFIMS) contract. RFIMS is a five-year contract to develop, produce, install and maintain an RF interference monitor system to mitigate the risk of potential interference by commercial wireless carriers sharing the spectrum with NOAA satellite operations.

Other affected government departments such as the departments of Defense and Interior ground stations may also benefit from the development of the RFIMS and awarded contract.

Under the terms of the contract, LGS Innovations will deliver frequency spectrum monitoring between NOAA and wireless carriers, provide real-time detection of “interference events,” classify the types of RF interference it detects and provide real-time notifications to both NOAA operators and the wireless carriers of any detected interference.

“Spectrum is not a renewable resource. With a limited number of radio frequencies allocated for mobile services and a high demand placed on these frequencies, dynamic spectrum co-use is becoming more important,” said Kevin Kelly, CEO of LGS Innovations. “LGS is proud to be a part of the RFIMS program, which will provide spectrum monitoring between NOAA satellite operations and commercial wireless carriers, to identify any potential interference between both services."

LGS Innovations formed a team that includes selected partners Solers and Science and Technology Corp. (STC), which has multidisciplinary engineering expertise and NOAA domain knowledge; and Tower Engineering Professionals (TEP), a tower engineering firm. Other strategic partnerships for the contract include Digital Global Systems (DGS), a specialist in the delivery of real-time RF spectrum analysis and monitoring; and SMA, a recognized expert with EVMS.

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