Israel Police Deploy mmWave Radios for Video Backhaul
Monday, April 30, 2018 | Comments

The Israel Police selected Siklu mmWave radios as the agency’s main wireless fiber solution. These systems were selected for nationwide deployments as well as temporary events for the purpose of backhauling high-definition (HD) video surveillance systems and advanced sensors.

The Israel Police, similar to many police forces worldwide, face a challenge when it comes to deploying a camera array at a city's main centers within a short timeframe. Adding to the difficulties is the legacy communications infrastructure in the old rock-based, mountainous terrain city of Jerusalem. When a wireless communications option is considered, the challenge of a dense urban environment packed with thousands of interfering Wi-Fi networks, needs to be addressed.

Operating in the abundant 70 GHz band, with 5 gigahertz of continuous spectrum, Siklu's radios were not constrained by the costly and time consuming frequency survey associated with legacy wireless solutions. At each location, the police placed 2 HD cameras and deployed the Siklu radios back to back, eliminating the need for traditional multiple powering and switching devices. At each pole and rooftop, a single radio powered the pack of cameras and radios. With these features and capabilities, the whole network was deployed in one day.

For the first time in Israel, Siklu's mmWave wireless fiber links were deployed in hours to support police surveillance cameras and sensors. "After experiencing the high-quality video cameras enabled by Siklu's technology and integrated by the MER Group and SMBIT, we challenged them to deliver a complex solution in very little time for a very sensitive temporary event and the result was impressive," said Israel's Police Chief Technology Consultant Avi Gohar. "Siklu's mmWave technology, carefully tailored for our security networks, was definitely the right call to make. It proved to be a real game changer for us, and indeed for the city.”

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