North Miami Beach Gets Travelers Information Station Waiver
Thursday, May 03, 2018 | Comments

The FCC granted a wavier request by the city of North Miami Beach, Florida for a new Travelers Information Station (TIS). North Miami Beach requested TIS operation on frequency 1610 kHz in the AM radio band. The city requested a waiver of the commission’s rules, which require a separation of 15 kilometers between a TIS transmitter and the 0.5 mV/m daytime contour of an adjacent channel AM broadcast station.

The city asserted that it satisfies the distance requirement with respect to the closest point at which the contour falls over land. Station WPOM operates on frequency 1600 kHz in Riviera Beach, Florida, to the north of the city. Station WPOM’s coverage contour extends east over the Atlantic Ocean while limiting coverage to the north, west and south. To the south of the station, the 0.5 mV/m contour follows a nearly vertical path over the Atlantic Ocean and intersects the shoreline near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to the north-northeast of the city.

The contour-shoreline intersection point is the WPOM contour’s closest point on land to the city’s proposed TIS site at 19 kilometers distant, but this distance is not measured orthogonal to the WPOM contour. An orthogonal measurement to the WPOM contour’s closest point measures approximately 7 kilometers and thus does not satisfy the separation requirement, but the contour is over sea water at that point.

The FCC said its interference protection rules for AM broadcast stations do not apply to areas of interference entirely over seawater. “The separation of 19 kilometers to the contour’s closest point on land gives us confidence that the TIS station will not result in actual harmful interference to station WPOM’s listening audience …”

The full order is here.

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