New FCC Report Summarizes 9-1-1 Certification Data for 2017
Tuesday, May 08, 2018 | Comments

The FCC released a report summarizing 9-1-1 certification data for 2017. The data tracks the reliability of 9-1-1 networks by requiring 9-1-1 service providers to certify whether they implemented measures to prevent a loss of 9-1-1 service to the public.

The certification rules apply to communications service providers that offer 9-1-1 capabilities such as call routing, automatic location information (ALI) and automatic number identification (ANI) or their functional equivalent directly to a public safety answering point (PSAP) or that operate at least one central office (CO) that directly serves a PSAP.

Under commission rules, these covered entities are required to submit annual certifications attesting to implementation of specified measures, or alternative measures, to promote reliable 9-1-1 service. Where a covered entity chooses to implement an alternative measure, it must explain why that measure is reasonably sufficient to mitigate risk to 911 service.  Covered entities are required to certify with respect to three elements: 911 circuit diversity, backup power and network monitoring.

The report found the following:

• One hundred eighty-eight covered entities filed certifications, including the nine largest covered entities. Of the 188 covered entities that filed certifications, 48 certified that they have diverse 9-1-1 circuits to all PSAPs to which they provide 9-1-1 circuits.

• There were 6,769 unique PSAPs listed in the certifications for 911 circuit diversity. Of these 6,769 PSAPs, 3,855 PSAPs had diverse circuits and 2,914 had  implemented alternative measures.

• Of the 188 covered entities that filed certifications, 165 indicated that they have certified backup power in all central offices that serve PSAPs.

• Of 188 covered entities that filed certifications, 51 stated that they have diverse monitoring in all of their 9-1-1 service areas, and 10 stated that they have certified alternative measures in all 9-1-1 service areas.

The full report is here.

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