Canadian Company Remotely Controls Mining Loader with LTE Technology
Thursday, September 13, 2018 | Comments

Ambra announced that it remotely controlled a mining loader located 3 kilometers underground using Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology at the Agnico Eagle LaRonde site in Quebec, Canada.

Ultra-deep mines are constantly striving to increase efficiency and productivity as their mines get deeper. LTE technology can cover an entire mine with high-speed data, high-definition voice, internet of things (IoT) and push-to-talk (PTT) solutions, Ambra said. Without LTE technology, remotely operating equipment involves the deployment of multiple localized Wi-Fi access points, as well as a constant relocation of the hardware that is adapted to the area.

LTE ubiquitous coverage allows mining customers to remotely operate equipment anywhere within their mine. This is a turning point in operation optimization as it allows mining companies to maintain and increase optimized production during shift change and after each blast. Loader operators can now work safely from a controlled environment at the surface using technology-enabled solutions. Remote control increases production time, accessibility and safety.

Ambra’s LTE solution is compatible with all of the protocols used in the mining industry. Moreover, Ambra can provide precise tracking of assets and personnel, and machine-enabling advanced applications such as dispatch systems and ventilation on demand.

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