Polaris Answers Technical Questions on 9-1-1 Z-Axis Location Technology
Monday, December 10, 2018 | Comments

Polaris Wireless executives met with FCC officials to answer technical and other questions about its solution for locating 9-1-1 callers inside high-rises.

Polaris Wireless has developed and tested an application for iOS devices and demonstrated the technology. The technology can achieve a vertical location benchmark metric of 3 meters on 80 percent of fixes for E9-1-1 calls including iPhones.

The FCC asked the company for clarification of its “limited compensation” results presented in the stage Z report. Polaris Wireless executives said sensor bias adjustments were made once per month for the three-month testing, not continuously in real time, which is why the term “limited” was used.

Polaris reiterated its position that no additional testing or data are necessary to establish a Z-axis 9-1-1 location benchmark, although the company welcomes additional independent testing. Polaris and other public-safety groups in October said a CTIA proposal for a Z-axis benchmark was unacceptable.

The company also said its location solution is software based, affordable and does not require device changes.

The full ex parte filing is here.

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