Barrett Supports Humanitarian Group in Peru
Tuesday, June 04, 2019 | Comments

Barrett Communications continues to assist and support Unidad 4X4 in its response to natural disasters in Peru, following Barrett’s previous support programs in 2016, 2018 and 2019.

Winters in the Peruvian Andes have been progressively more extreme in recent years, and Unidad 4X4 identified villages in the Yauyos province at more than 4,700 meters above sea level that need extra support. In August 2018, eight 4x4 vehicles and 30 volunteers, including medical doctors, embarked on a humanitarian aid mission to the villages of Huarmicocha, Betania and Cacra assisting 245 local people. They provided food supplies, warm clothing, blankets, rubber boots and medicines that were donated by numerous individuals, organizations and institutions. The volunteer medical doctors were able to provide much-needed medical attention to the elderly men and women, adults and children in the community.

The Unidad volunteers are aware of many other villages that require support and this sparked the planning of phase two of the Yauyos humanitarian mission in November 2018 and phase three in April 2019. The second phase focused on the most remote and isolated communities and people around Huarmicocha, Poroche and Betania, and phase three targeted communities around Huarmicocha and Bethany. These villages can only be reached on foot and couldn't be attended to in the previous mission because of their remote locations and lack of a reliable communications link.

The communications link was provided by a Barrett 2090 HF manpack radio that allowed the volunteers to maintain communications from these remote communities. The aid provided in phases two and three consisted of hardware and technical advice for the modification of 28 homes in the villages to make them safer and warmer. They also provided food, warm clothing, blankets and medical aid.

“With the installation of a Trombe wall and an enhanced wood stove, the homes of these people will significantly improve,” said Anibal Paredes of Unidad 4X4. “The temperature inside the homes will be 10° to 15° Celsius warmer and free of toxic smoke from an open flame cooking fire.”

Paredes also established an emergency radio listening and monitoring service with a station in Chaclacayo, Lima, and Pisco, Ica. In March, Paredes heard a repeated call requesting medical care for a pregnant woman in Viscatan. After repeated transmissions and no response, the radio operator questioned openly if anybody was receiving the call. Paredes said he had heard the call, and a doctor was contacted and an ambulance was sent, immediately departing for Viscatan two hours away. Both mother and baby received the medical care they needed.

“Unidad 4x4 and Mr. Paredes’s passion to help these people in some of the most remote parts of Peru has to be commended,” said Andrew Burt, CEO of Barrett Communications. “The work they do is making a real difference in the lives of the people they support.”

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