German Association Tackles Control Center Interface for Broadband
Tuesday, September 03, 2019 | Comments

PMeV – Netzwerk Sichere Kommunikation, the German association and network for critical communications, established a committee to address a platform for mission- and safety-critical broadband applications and is overseeing the standardization of a control center interface. Critical communications companies and officials from public authorities and organizations with security tasks are represented in the committee.

"Through the introduction of new technologies, the technical requirements imposed on professional control systems will considerably change in the future,” said Volker Hartwein, PMeV vice president and head of the control centers department. “In this conjunction, the control center interface will be of particular importance for the introduction of a mission-critical broadband network (4G/5G) for security agencies in Germany.”

Mission- and safety-critical broadband applications are gaining increasing significance in the market for professional mobile radio (PMR) and critical communications. With the establishment of this platform, the PMeV Association demonstrates its decision to actively contribute to this development.

"We want to act as the main contact and competence center for all relevant topics relating to mission- and safety-critical communications,” said PMeV President Bernhard Klinger. "The PMeV Association deals with new and important developments in topic-oriented departments. This leads to profitable platforms for our members and provides maximum flexibility when dealing with new topics.”

The PMeV association includes suppliers and users of communications systems for mobile professional applications. Its members include manufacturers, system providers and application houses, as well as network operators and users.

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On 9/30/19, Jeffrey P. Winbourne said:
I would like to receive information on the committee that PMeV is forming to address a platform for mission- and safety-critical broadband applications and is overseeing the standardization of a control center interface.

On 9/3/19, Kit Kilgour said:
It would be welcome to know what area this interface is proposed at. The Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) has already defined a control room user as a normal user with enhanced privileges, so the interface between a control room user and the mission-critical servers is already fairly well defined apart from possibly flags to indicate the privileges that a user has. So I am inferring that the suggestion is for another application layer on top of the 3GPP application layer. This is creating quite a lot of layers...

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