Most Read International Online Stories of 2020
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The ongoing legal battle between Motorola Solutions and Hytera Communications and the rollout and planning of critical broadband networks around the world topped the most read online stories for RadioResource International in 2019.

The most read online story of the year involved comments Motorola CEO Greg Brown made about Huawei, a Chinese company that faced a variety of sanctions from the U.S. government during the year. Brown’s comments centered around a prior trade secret litigation between the two companies and were later retracted by the company.

European 400 MHz spectrum was of interest to readers, with the second and third most-read online stories last year involving that band. The second most-read article was on whether 400 MHz could be used for professional mobile radio (PMR) services in Europe. And a story about a Czech operator that put 400 MHz spectrum to use for mission-critical Long Term Evolution (LTE) services was the third most-read online story.

Meanwhile, countries around the world made significant progress in both deploying and planning for future critical broadband networks. Both the U.K. and South Korea met key milestones in procuring and deploying their critical broadband networks, while countries such as Norway and France made progress on planning for broadband spectrum and future networks.

Motorola and Hytera’s legal battle, which began in 2016, continued to rage in a variety of legal venues around the world and continued to interest readers in 2019. The trial in a theft of trade secrets case between the two began in November in Illinois in the U.S., and the jury is expected to receive the case for deliberation sometime in late January or early February. Readers were interested in the many legal maneuvers both companies made throughout the year.

Most Read International Stories
1. Motorola Solutions Retracts CEO's Statements on Huawei
2. European Spectrum Report Addresses 400 MHz PMR Use
3. Czech Operator Launches Mission-Critical LTE Services at 400 MHz
4. Silver Lake Makes $1B Investment in Motorola, Settles Outstanding Debt
5. 4 Companies Certified Interoperable with Tait DMR Tier 3 Infrastructure
6. Judge Dismisses Hytera Motion to Dismiss Motorola Patent Infringement Case
7. Motorola-Hytera Theft of Trade Secrets, Copyright Infringement Trial Begins
8. Judge Denies Hytera Summary Judgement Motion, Trial Date Set
9. Teltronic CEO Discusses Changes Following Acquisitions, Technology Road Map
10. Norway Outlines Timeline for Mission-Critical Broadband Services
11. Huawei Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against L3Harris
12. U.K. ESN Demonstrates Interworking Between Airwave, LTE Networks
13. Motorola Asks Illinois Court to Dismiss Hytera Lawsuit for Lack of Standing
14. Why MCPTT Interoperability is Vital for Public Safety
15. Motorola Solutions Buys Mobile Video Firm Watchguard
16. South Korea Moves Forward on Nationwide Public-Safety Network, Direct Mode Feature
17. No Change in Motorola-Hytera ITC Decision Following Presidential Review
18. Global P25 Systems Number 2,350
19. France’s PCSTORM Critical Broadband Project Moves Forward
20. Motorola Solutions Launches PTT Service in Australia

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