NIST Report Offers Interoperable Video Analytics Recommendations
Wednesday, June 10, 2020 | Comments

A new report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) lays out a road map for effective use of public-safety video, including using video analytics and stable networks and ensuring interoperability.

The report said the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) provided more than $16 billion in grant assistance to secure cities, critical infrastructure and non-profit organizations against terrorist and disaster incidents. Public-safety organizations have increasingly invested in video surveillance systems (VSS) to increase their patrol footprint and monitor major transportation areas.

The departments face a growing volume and diversity of video data sources that are increasingly vital to public-safety operations. Most public-safety offices believe video analysis can assist in answering three strategic questions:
• How can we respond faster to the public’s needs?
• How can we more effectively deploy our resources?
• How can we intervene to mitigate outcomes that negatively impact people’s lives before loss of life or property occurs?

Video data is bulky, impacting transmission and storage in ways that audio and text data do not. Video operations units, public-safety IT professionals and the vendors that support them struggle with network bandwidth, backend systems, support agreements and manpower levels that do not scale to meet the volume, velocity and variety of data.

The analysis of live streaming public-safety video data is manually intensive and often carries with it a psychological toll that is just now being understood. The key to managing the amount of incoming video data and lightening the burden on the limited number of video operators lies in applying the next generation of analytics, such as computer vision and network analysis tools, to help manage the video workflow.

NIST IR 8164 defines video analytics as the “application of computer vision that leverages information and knowledge from video content to address a particular applied information processing need.” Successful insertion of these analytics, however, depends on secure, stable networks and components that can receive, interpret and transmit data freely. Success also requires interoperability.

The full report, titled “Strategic Roadmap for Interoperable Public Safety Video Analytics,” is here.

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