U.K. Police Department Selects NICE Evidence Management System
Friday, October 16, 2020 | Comments

NICE announced that the United Kingdom’s Cleveland Police selected NICE Investigate Digital investigation and digital evidence management software. Cleveland Police will use NICE Investigate to digitally transform and automate processes around collecting, analyzing and sharing evidence in the cloud to better serve the community and criminal justice partners, and to bolster efficiency for its workforce of more than 1,500 police officers.

“Cleveland Police went through a detailed procurement exercise and identified NICE Investigate as the digital evidence management system most capable of meeting both our national mandates around digital evidence management and our local policing needs,” said Cleveland Police Chief Inspector Chris Barker. “Deploying NICE Investigate Xpress in advance of our full NICE Investigate rollout has enabled us to come up the learning curve quickly and keep officers and the public safe. The feedback we’ve received from our officers has been positive and our engagement with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) through NICE Investigate’s wholly digital process is working well.”

The solution will Improve officer efficiency by enabling investigators to collect evidence through a single login. NICE Investigate will integrate Niche records management, STORM command and control, custody interview recording, body-worn video, in-car video and SOCO image systems into the force’s 999 call recording. Using analytics, NICE Investigate correlates all of this structured and unstructured data to rapidly uncover connections and push evidence to investigators.

The solution will allow the police to better serve communities by providing an easy, discreet way for citizens, businesses and community organizations to share digital evidence. Cleveland Police can create a public appeal for any active investigation in minutes and share it on social media. Citizens simply click on a secure link to upload their videos, photos, screenshots or any other digital evidence. The force is also collaborating with the public, local businesses, hospitals and Cleveland Borough Council members to register hundreds of CCTV cameras. Viewing cameras geo-located on a map, police officers can then request and receive CCTV video electronically, instead of driving to each location. Uploaded content is automatically virus-checked, transcoded and securely stored in the cloud. Without NICE Investigate, police officers would need to make an estimated 4,500 trips per week to collect digital evidence.

The solution also complies with national requirements by sharing all digital evidence with the CPS electronically. Instead of copying case files and digital evidence onto CDs, USB drives and paper, Cleveland Police will be able to share all digital evidence electronically, by emailing secure links to digital case files. The system also automatically tracks who accessed what to ensure a chain of custody.

Ahead of its force-wide rollout of NICE Investigate, Cleveland Police used a scaled-down version of NICE Investigate called NICE Investigate Xpress, which NICE offered to the police free-of-charge through 2020. This has allowed the force to leverage NICE Investigate’s public appeals capability to collect evidence without face-to-face contact. Cleveland Police is also using the system to share evidence with the CPS, in line with its COVID-19 countermeasures.

“Using NICE Investigate, Cleveland Police, like the many other police forces before it, will be able to harness the power of digital data and technology to better protect and serve communities, enhance its collaboration with the CPS and other criminal justice partners, and digitally transform and automate many aspects of daily police work through the cloud,” said NICE Executive Vice President Chris Wooten.

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