Detroit 9-1-1 Center Deploys NICE Data Platform
Thursday, January 06, 2022 | Comments

The Detroit 9-1-1 communications center will be deploying NICE Inform Elite to digitally transform processes around tracking performance metrics, performing quality assurance reviews and reconstructing incidents.

Through this transformation, the 9-1-1 center expects to improve productivity, enhance staff performance and satisfaction and provide better service to citizens and communities. Detroit is the largest city in the state of Michigan and the 27th most populous U.S. city with over 639,000 residents.

“With over a million 9-1-1 calls received annually, our call volume is on par with the top 10 US cities,” said Art Thompson, chief information officer, Detroit. “Citizens call us during their most vulnerable moments. We want to do everything we can to take 911 to the next level. NICE’s performance metric capabilities are going to help us hold ourselves accountable. We’re also looking to NICE’s solutions to help us better self-reflect and support our front-line telecommunicators, so they can be successful in their careers. We plan to use the dashboards to better understand the types of calls telecommunicators are taking, and their impact, so we can further enhance staff performance and satisfaction and the level of service we provide to citizens.”

NICE Inform Elite features Intelligence Center dashboards with dozens of real-time metrics that offer instant visibility into what's happening in the 9-1-1 center and why. Metrics can be viewed on an overall 9-1-1 center level, or by individual telecommunicator, the agency served (police, fire, EMS) or incident priority or type. The solution automatically consolidates data from various 9-1-1 center systems into meaningful metrics which are presented on intuitive dashboards. Managers can drill through metrics to the underlying 911 incident recordings for context.

“As a single system of record that sits at the center of the 9-1-1 data ecosystem, our NICE Inform Elite solution brings all incident-related data together from multiple systems to give 9-1-1 centers a single view of the truth and automate incident reconstructions and quality assurance. We give 9-1-1 managers the operational intelligence and free up the time they need to provide targeted training and coaching to telecommunicators, improve incident response and keep communities safer.”

The Detroit 9-1-1 center, which currently partners with an outside agency to randomly quality check calls, will also use NICE technology to take a more proactive approach to 9-1-1 quality assurance (QA). When metrics reveal calls where telecommunicators need additional assistance, managers will be able to assign these calls for QA review directly through the dashboard. Additionally, the center will focus more heavily on reviewing medical calls, thanks to NICE Inform Elite’s ability to use CAD incident data to automatically pull specific types of high-priority calls for quality assurance review.

When a full review of incidents is necessary, NICE Inform Elite can also streamline incident reconstruction. The solution automatically pulls 9-1-1, dispatch and first responder radio communications and associated CAD incident data into a timeline view, so managers are able to synchronously replay incidents exactly as they happened.

“We run pretty lean for a 9-1-1 center,” Thompson said. “Anywhere we can improve processes by having technology assist and cut down on man hours is monumental. With our current technology, we have to go into multiple systems to retrieve recordings and understand what happened. By migrating to NICE, we’ll be able to capture everything in one system for a complete picture, which will significantly cut down on time spent investigating incidents and help us answer questions faster. NICE Inform Elite checks all the boxes for us.”

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