DHS S&T Releases Open Invitation for Technology Solutions to Solve Variety of Issues
Wednesday, February 09, 2022 | Comments

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) posted the annual release of its long range broad agency announcement (LRBAA), an open invitation to the scientific and technical communities to propose novel ideas that address DHS components' highest priority operational needs.

The 2021 announcement includes 17 research and development topics, with the solutions enabling S&T to advance innovative scientific research, develop unique prototypes, and modify and assess mature technologies for homeland security missions.

“Our nation’s homeland security needs are ever-evolving, and to remain agile, DHS counts on its partners in the private sector to access the latest technologies,” said DHS S&T LRBAA Program Manager Dusty Lang. “S&T’s LRBAA is a flexible mechanism that allows DHS to swiftly identify submissions-of-interest to pursue innovative solutions with industry in an efficient way.”

The current 17 LRBAA topics are categorized under six research and development (R&D) priority areas:

Securing Aviation
• SEC AVN 04-08: Enhanced Contact and Non-Contact Trace Explosives Sampling and Detection (updated)
• SEC AVN 04-09: Checked Baggage (new)
• SEC AVN 04-10: Explosive and Ballistic Threat Mitigation for Commercial Aircraft, Aviation and Non-Aviation Applications (new)
• SEC AVN 05-02: Screening at Speed
• SEC AVN 06-05: Small Bulk Confirmatory Capabilities Through Barriers (new)

Securing Borders
• SEC BORD 01-01: Noninvasive, Minimally Disruptive Sensors and Systems
• SEC BORD 03-05: Air-Based Technologies
• SEC BORD 03-06: Countering Unmanned Aircraft Systems (updated)
• SEC BORD 03-07: Maritime Domain Awareness Technologies
• SEC BORD 06-01: Biometric Technologies for Extending, Augmenting or Improving DHS Identity and Verification Capabilities

Securing Cyber Space
• SEC CYB 04-02: Mobile Security and Resiliency Research and Development (R&D)

Preventing Terrorism
• PREV 01-02: Detection Canine Technologies (updated)
• PREV 04-03: Threat Prevention
Protecting from Terrorist Attacks
• PROT 03-02: Prevention, Diagnosis and Mitigation of Transboundary Agricultural Pests and Diseases

Managing incidents
• MGMT 01-02: Technology Acceptance
• MGMT 02-08: GMD and Nuclear EMP Critical Infrastructure Risk
• MGMT 08-04: Using Internet of Things (IoT) for Community and Infrastructure Resiliency Against All-Hazards (new)

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