FCC to Begin Accepting Applications for 800 MHz Interstitial Channels July 7
Tuesday, June 07, 2022 | Comments

The FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security and Wireless Telecommunications bureaus announced that they will begin accepting licenses for interstitial channels in 800 MHz mid band July 7.

In October 2018, the FCC released a report and order that updated its Part 90 rules to provide new spectrum capacity and eliminate unnecessary restrictions in private LMR services. That report and order created 318 new interstitial channels in the 800 MHz mid-band spectrum to help address increased spectrum demand from public safety and other PLMR users.

The FCC said that the new interstitial channels allow licensees to take advantage of the increased availability of equipment that uses bandwidths narrower than 25 kilohertz, which has been historically the standard in the 800 MHz band.

The bureaus were not able to begin accepting applications for the channels until the application freeze in the 800 MHz band was lifted. That freeze was imposed as part of 800 MHz rebanding and was lifted last year after rebanding was considered complete last year.

On July 7, commission-certified frequency coordinators can begin filing applications for eligible applicants for the interstitial channels. Additionally, all applications filed for the channels must comply with contour overlap provisions detailed in the FCC’s rules. Geographic separation between fixed stations operating on adjacent channels in the 800 MHz mid band is based on a lack of contour overlap. Applications for the channels will be subject to both forward and reciprocal contour analysis.

The bureaus said that they would dismiss any pending applications that include a request for early access to the channels. This will be done to provide equal opportunity to all applicants and establish a stable spectral environment, the FCC said.

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On 6/8/22, AVELINO said:
How will central frequencies of interstitial channels be asigned
Just in the curren 800 MHz border
What happens if one of the adjacent channels is a 25 KHz BW like TETRA
Will FFC take on account each case


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