SBC Releases Analysis of Uvalde School Shooting Report
Friday, July 29, 2022 | Comments

The SBC released an analysis of the initial report of the shooting that occurred at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas in May.

The SBC noted that poor in-building public-safety coverage was a key factor in the response to the shooting.

“It is clear that poor in-building communications for public-safety radios played a key part in hampering police capabilities,” the SBC said. “This, together with other factors, undoubtedly contributed to the loss of life. In-building communications are critical to public safety and to the safety of the public.”

Find the full analysis here.

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On 8/3/22, T Tyler said:
I haven t read the whole thing but so-far I m seeing the usual BS blaming
poor in-building LMR repeater coverage and disparate radio systems. Reminds me
of the gross negligence CBP agents used to demonstrate with the Our helicopter was
only 500 away but we couldn t talk to it on our radios claim.

Certainly it was a dynamic situation but implementing ICS with a ad-hoc joint TOC or
a mobile field force type concept teaming-up LEOs from different agencies on-scene
as well as using SIMPLEX TA channels ideally state federal-level mutual-aide ones
would have mitigated most of this report s whining about comms.

But it s obvious that the local first responders had a hell of a lot more issues taking-place than
radio comms.


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