Alabama Department Moves to SouthernLINC to Avoid Narrowbanding Costs (10/13/11)
Thursday, October 13, 2011 | Comments

The police department for the city of Clanton, Ala., selected push-to-talk (PTT) service from SouthernLINC Wireless to achieve compliance with the FCC’s UHF and VHF narrowbanding mandate.

The department faced limited time and a projected expenditure of more than $500,000 to bring its outdated, conventional radio system into compliance with this FCC mandate, said Clanton Police Department Chief Brian Stilwell.

The SouthernLINC Wireless sales team put together a proposal to transfer the Clanton Police Department's primary dispatch operations from its wideband radio system to the SouthernLINC Wireless network. The department is now exclusively using the carrier's PTT service for all radio communications.

"After looking at the numbers, it was an easy sell," said Stilwell. "My department gets nationwide private PTT and regional group PTT service for a fraction of the price of upgrading the outdated, VHF radio system, and we don't have the added cost of maintaining the radio towers."

After receiving the city council's approval for the full migration to SouthernLINC Wireless, Stilwell acquired a grant to pay for modifications to its 9-1-1 call center console and the additional lines of service and equipment.

"The Clanton Police Department more than doubled its lines of service with us, yet it was still far less costly than updating the department's obsolete, private radio system," said Rodney Johnson, vice president of sales and distribution for SouthernLINC Wireless. "Plus, the SouthernLINC Wireless network gives Chief Stilwell and his officers many additional communications capabilities that weren't possible with their conventional radio system. In particular, SouthernLINC Wireless delivers secure PTT two-way radio service, which no known scanner can intercept, and interoperability with other state and local agencies."

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