LightSquared Presents Filtering Technology (10/14/11)
Friday, October 14, 2011 | Comments

LightSquared collaborated with several companies to develop solutions to the GPS interference issue. The first GPS manufacturer to bring LightSquared-compatible receivers to the marketplace is Javad GNSS.

“With the U.S. government’s modernization program in effect, many legacy receivers will be obsolete in several years regardless,” said Javad Ashjaee, president and CEO of Javad GNSS. “Going forward, there is no reason to build high-precision GPS receivers that are not compatible with LightSquared’s network. Our research and development has shown that making receivers compatible with LightSquared today produces higher quality results than before.”

LightSquared has been under pressure from the GPS and public-safety communities because it’s planned 4G terrestrial/satellite service has caused interference to GPS and public-safety services during tests.

Despite claims by GPS device manufacturers that a solution would take ten years and billions of dollars to develop, viable and inexpensive solutions have entered into the marketplace within a matter of weeks, a LightSquared press release said. LightSquared announced its partnership with Javad GNSS Sept. 21

“So far at least three companies have come forward with a solution and we expect that more will step forward,” said Martin Harriman, executive vice president of ecosystem development and satellite business for LightSquared. “A majority of precision devices can be fixed by replacing the external antenna, others will require a factory retrofit, but in every case LightSquared has an affordable and efficient fix.”

In addition to Javad GNSS’ receivers, several other companies also created LightSquared-compatible components that can be integrated into receivers. PCTEL developed LightSquared compatible chip sets, and Partron America has created a filtering component that only costs $6, the release said.

The solutions will undergo extensive National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and FCC testing in the coming weeks.

LightSquared has committed $50 million to retrofit or replace high-precision GPS devices in use by federal agencies, the release said.

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