Yellowknife Selects Tait to Supply Communications Network (7/3/12)
Tuesday, July 03, 2012 | Comments

Yellowknife, Canada, partnered with Tait Communications on a new radio network for its emergency responders. Tait was selected to implement the mission-critical voice system for emergency responders. The network will also provide data capabilities to other city departments in the future.

Yellowknife Director of Public Safety Dennis Marchiori said the city initiated a study on its radio network to understand what would be needed to support the increasing workload of emergency personnel, and at the same time, investigate how a radio network could support other departments, including public works and the city’s transit system.

“Once Planetworks Consulting, the firm contracted to conduct the study, completed its initial work, we determined the network needed an overhaul,” said Marchiori. “The biggest challenge we have in Yellowknife is operating efficiently in cold winter temperatures. If we have a fire scene at -40 degrees, our fire division requires a radio system that will still work under those extreme temperatures.”

The $2.1 million project will see the replacement and consolidation of three existing systems being used by individual departments into one new system used by all. The new four-site, seven-channel network will be designed to provide seamless citywide communications coverage for fire, municipal enforcement and public works with the capability to support other departments in the future.

The current radio network processes more than 4,000 calls annually, five times more than it was engineered to handle when first installed.

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On 1/8/19, Ryan Murphy said:
Anyone know how they are liking the new system?

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