Maine Receives Statewide Network Construction Extension Until November (2/22/13)
Friday, February 22, 2013 | Comments

The FCC granted a petition for reconsideration filed in December 2012 by the state of Maine, Office of Information Technology of a notice of termination of its licenses under 17 call signs. Maine also filed an extended implementation plan and requested an extension of the construction deadline for the call signs until Nov. 5, 2013. The commission also granted Maine’s request for extended implementation.

In December, the FCC notified Maine that it had placed the 17 call signs in “termination pending” status because Maine failed to meet its construction and construction notification requirements as required by the commission’s rules. Maine did not file the “required notification of construction,” due within 15 days after the construction or coverage requirement deadline. Maine also failed to file a timely request for an extension of time.

Maine said that it is in the final stages of implementing the Maine Statewide Communications Network (MSCommNet) under a contract with Harris. Earlier this month, the FCC granted Maine a waiver to operate on certain industrial/business pool frequencies that are designated for use by railroads.

“Based on the record, we find that grant of extended implementation will enable Maine to meet the final milestones identified in its implementation schedule involving site development and acceptance,” the order said. “Given Maine’s commitment to complete a narrowband-compliant statewide communications system before Dec. 30, 2013, and the benefits that MSCommNet will provide to public-safety activities throughout the state, we find that Maine has satisfied the criteria for extended implementation.

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