Michigan Deploys P25 Voice Paging Technology from Unication
Tuesday, December 08, 2015 | Comments

A new public-safety paging technology solution that will allow emergency personnel across Michigan to use a single system for both two-way radio and paging is now available. The Project 25 (P25) paging capability — the first of its kind — will operate on Michigan’s Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS).

MPSCS subscribers currently need two separate systems to dispatch emergency crews, one for the radios they use at the scene of an incident and another for the pagers that summon emergency responders. The new technology will provide both functions in one system. Additionally, the new solution will notify first responders if they are out of communications range, a confirmation the current method does not provide.

“In an emergency, every second is critical to life-saving activity,” said Brad Stoddard, MPSCS director. “The efficiency created by combining radio and paging into one system will get emergency responders to an accident scene faster, which will save lives.”

The MPSCS is one of the largest single public-safety communications systems in North America, providing interoperable voice and data communications to 1,493 local, state, federal, tribal and private public-safety agencies. MPSCS partnered with Unication to bring the P25 paging solution to fruition.

“This partnership has allowed us to bring a paging solution that has been missing from the P25 landscape for many years, first to the citizens of Michigan and then to the global P25 marketplace,” said Kirk Alland, vice president and general manager of Unication USA.

The MPSCS has already worked with state, local and private agencies to test the paging solution.

The MPSCS, a part of the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget, spans nearly 60,000 square miles and includes 246 tower sites with more than 60 integrated local and state public-safety dispatch centers and a network communications center that serves more than 74,000 radios.

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On 9/5/17, Travis Randler said:
Why does my pager randomly turn off and won't come back on when prompted? Battery is charged and no other issues. Also it has been reading like scrambled when going into settings or other options.

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