Australian Rail Freight Operator Deploys New TETRA Network
Wednesday, May 22, 2019 | Comments

Sepura partner in Australia Radlink Communications secured a contract with Australia's largest rail freight operator Aurizon to deliver one of the country’s largest radio networks.

Aurizon daily moves coal, iron ore, agricultural freight and more across Australia and needed to improve the communications across its vast rail system. The new radio network is scheduled to be operational this year and will use TETRA technology, encompassing 79 sites across rails stretching a total of 2,670 kilometers. The network will link 50 coal mines and four major ports throughout central Queensland.

Aurizon purchased 1,200 Sepura portable radios and 1,800 mobile terminals to be used across the network. The radios will be installed across the train fleet to maintain communications along the entire network.

Aurizon’s previous radio system was more than 20 years old, and the new system will consolidate four analog systems encompassing train control, shunting, maintenance and wayside operations into a singular cohesive TETRA network. The new network will also deliver improved monitoring, remote diagnostics, overlapping radio coverage, GPS tracking and distress signal capabilities, enhancing control room oversight of operations and improving staff safety.

The addition of Sepura’s short data application (SDA) capability is enabling the use of applications developed by Radlink for Aurizon. The applications include geofenced automatic voice channel selection, extreme weather alerts, heat maps of radios showing identity and location, excessive speed warnings, signal strength tracking, and a mobile phone client providing two-way radio access and functionality on smartphones.

“The system we are implementing for Aurizon is truly groundbreaking in terms of its sheer scale, functionality and capability,” said Radlink Communication Project Director Scott Manson. “The new TETRA network will be fully integrated to operate over the Aurizon Central Queensland MPLS network and will provide greater radio coverage, increased reliability and advanced monitoring for what will be a critical communications network.”

The project is ahead of schedule. Radlink designed and installed 79 TETRA base stations — including two control rooms, disaster recovery trailers and 15 new tower structures — in a 14-month installation program across the remote central Queensland landscape, an area close to the size of Germany. Sepura delivered all 3,000 terminals to the project, with the next phase of programming and vehicle installation underway.

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On 6/4/19, Geoffrey Wood said:
Yet another Sepura radio seamlessly working on DAMM's decentralized TetraFlex infrastructure.

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