Australian Authority Looks to End HF for Maritime Distress Communications
Friday, October 04, 2019 | Comments

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) recommended that jurisdictions cease high-frequency (HF) radio monitoring of distress and safety communications in Australia. The authority is seeking comment on the proposal by 29 November.

AMSA said the use of HF communications for distress and safety calling has steadily declined. The authority said there are several alternative communications systems.

AMSA recommended a two-year timetable to cease HF operations, specifically on 1 January, 2022.

The full consultation is available here.

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On 10/21/19, Jim said:
Very dicey idea; not thought out at all. Reaction to costs overrides practicality and responsibilities to mariners. After all, the thought of redundancy and alternatives to handle varying conditions and situations clearly just took last place to revenue streams to wireless carriers and satisfaction of singularity mindsets. Someday they will figure out that satellites suffer similar and more horrific damages and interruptions during solar events. HF usually comes back in 20 minutes after disruption.

On 10/17/19, Glen Turner said:
The consultation paper says that AMSA will continue to monitor HF with digital selective calling (DSC) distress calls. It proposes to cease monitoring of non-DSC HF distress calls.

On 10/16/19, Leon van der Linde said:
Wonderful idea. The embassies did the same and then suddenly there were solar flares, and they had no communications from the satellites for days. So guess what they re-implemented — HF. Let them go ahead. Our little sun is not very friendly. When a boat is in distress and there were very high dignitaries on board, they will think again.

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