Hytera Offers Noncontact Remote Body Temp Communications System
Monday, April 13, 2020 | Comments

Hytera Communications announced it developed a new solution to help those on the frontline battling COVID-19, including customs police officers, healthcare workers and enterprise staff. The solution aims to combat the spread of the disease by using rapidly deployable, noncontact body temperature detection and communications technology.

Hytera developed a safe, efficient and precise way to measure the body temperature of travelers using noncontact methods. The solution provides a way to remotely detect the body temperatures of multiple persons at the same time up to a distance of 3 meters (3.28 yards) with no risk of close touch infection. An automatic warning is triggered and sent to Hytera PNC550 push-to-talk (PTT) over cellular (PoC) devices if an abnormal temperature is detected. The person whose temperature is abnormal can then be isolated, rechecked and sent to hospital, if necessary.

The solution saves time and manpower because it provides a way of screening large numbers of people simultaneously at border posts, for example, thereby getting around the near-impossible alternative option of having to check people’s body temperatures manually, one at a time, which involves close contact.

Land border crossings and immigration customs control points at ports and airports are particularly vulnerable areas as large numbers of travelers pass through them on a daily basis. Deployment of Hytera VM780 body worn cameras (BWCs) also helps protect the safety of travelers and customs officials. Border controls can lead to confrontations between officials and travelers, but BWCs can help defuse tense situations as people usually calm down if they know they are being filmed.

The BWC enables live streaming over 4G and Wi-Fi networks and enhances situational awareness for officers in the field and for supervisors in the control room, as well as helping to keep personnel safe.

In the healthcare environment, hospitals can set up a Hytera temperature measuring device equipped with accurate facial recognition and remote temperature measurement technology at gates, reception areas or offices. If someone is detected with an abnormal temperature reading, then an alert is sent via the mobile radio app to the device.

The technology is able to recognize faces even if the person is wearing a mask. This makes it easy to distinguish between employees and visitors. The solution automatically generates entry records detailing the person, temperature reading, and what time the person entered or exited the building, making it easy to trace people.

To reduce the risk of infection, doctors can use Hytera radios for remote diagnoses and to discuss each patient’s case with colleagues using group video call or one-button instant audio call. The radio’s 12.7-centimeter (5-inch) touchscreen supports full operation using gloves, which further helps to protect staff from infection.

Bodycams can also record video footage of medical inspections and treatments in the hospital. The videos can not only be used as evidence during medical disputes but can also be shared as training materials to enhance the quality of future medical services.

Ambulance paramedics can use bodycams to stream live video from the ambulance to the hospital to provide doctors with real-time monitoring of the patient’s situation. The hospital has an early warning of the state of the patient and can set up the appropriate response ready for when they arrive.

Enterprises can also install temperature measuring devices at the gates or lobby entrances to buildings. This will detect whether any employee has an abnormally high temperature as they come into work. Hytera said the solution is flexible and easy to deploy in large apartment buildings, metros and railway stations.

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